Push it, Knuckles.

Push ALL the buttons.


Put together by 8bakon8!

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Unparalleled Canadian greatness! Jeffrey is a writer for TSS and Gamnesia, a pianist obsessed with video game music, and a recent university graduate majoring in Communications. Loves all things Sonic and Nintendo to a fault.


  1. XD Poor Tails. I remember watching this before. Hilarious! Knuckles would press any button without thinking.

    1. I know… Me too. He’s one of my favorite characters; he’s so cute and nice. That video really made me sad 🙁

  2. It’s a good thing this is just a stupid parody animation. Or I’d be all over the broken screen direction. lol

  3. haha you guys love tails!? i just had to hit him in the face… thank you guys for watching my vid, i had no idea that people watched and appreciated it and all that. i do these just for fun. i came upon this website as a kid. and… then forgot about it… thank you guys for your support, it is very much appreciated.
    it’s a wierd feeling. being a sonic fanboy and creating something in tribute for something you love.
    and other people loving it also.
    i get all teary eyed :,)
    once again. THANKS SONIC STADUIM

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