Freak-Out Friday: Rock Bottom Music Video

Troysson81 is a saint.

No, really. It takes a saint to have to rewatch nearly every cutscene in Sonic 2006 and have the patience to make a music video out of its dialogue.

And it’s too addicting to put down.


Also, if you spot the in-music reference, congratulations! You earned bragging rights!

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Unparalleled Canadian greatness! Jeffrey is a writer for TSS and Gamnesia, a pianist obsessed with video game music, and a recent university graduate majoring in Communications. Loves all things Sonic and Nintendo to a fault.


      1. Actually I have to disagree in some regards. Unleashed had a lot better action-oriented CG scenes, but the graphical detail in the cold opening and endings is just too GORGEOUS!~ silver

  1. Okay you see, there’s amazing, and just beautiful, if someone asked me what this was, I would say ‘yes!’

  2. HA! Love the Casino Park reference knew it from a mile away. But seriously…Vizard, where is the freak out content in this?

  3. I just submitted something very freaky…so freaky, you won’t look at Eggman the same ever again.

  4. Dude! NICE find!! I didn’t expect it coming, I thought it was some mash-up junk that you get so many these days (of course not all of them are bad! lol). But yeah this is quite a gem, and hell yeah for the reference towards the end – made me hum along to it! I mean… I work at the casino literally. XXD

    Anyways a great thing to listen to for a break, I needed it just before I continue on with the video editing of ‘Silver’s Destiny Begins!’ Sonic Comic Drama – I JUST FINISHED the audio-work! I’m super pleased and proud of the result! ^__^

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