Exclusive Yuji Uekawa Sonic Sketch Going For Auction

Look at this! It’s two pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog. But what’s so special about them, other than the fact that they’re framed? Well, one is signed by Sonic Team artist, Yuji Uekawa, and both are going up for auction next week for charity. You could own these pieces of artwork!

The Sonic canvasses are part of a larger video game-themed art exhibition that’s currently taking place in London’s City Hall (that’s where the Mayor, Boris Johnson, works). It marks the opening of the London Games Festival, and aims to raise the profile of video games in British culture.

In particular, the pencil sketch – drawn and signed by Uekawa – is a one-of-a-kind piece that was quite literally created and flown from Sonic Team in Japan to London specifically for this exhibition. The piece almost didn’t make it, however – it only just arrived in London on Friday morning.

Basically, you want this. I want this. We all want this.

If you live in London, or are planning a trip there this week, make sure you spend some time at City Hall, near Tower Bridge, to see the Sonic pieces – as well as concept art from Batman: Arkham Asylum, LittleBigPlanet, Dishonored and Guild Wars 2 – for yourself.

After this week, the gallery will close and all the art pieces – Sonic included – will be up for auction on eBay to raise money for Special Effect, a charity that builds equipment to allow disabled people to play video games. You’ll be able to keep up with the auction by going to the London Games Festival Art Exhibition website.

I had a snoop around the gallery myself on Monday, and thought it was really cool! You can read an in-depth feature about the exhibition right here.

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  1. Hmm, so that’s how he draws Sonic. Seems the “circle method” really is used a lot.

    …And yet I /still/ can’t do it. Ha ha ha ha…Oh.

  2. Right on spot when said we all want the drawings. Too bad this wont appear in the west but at least there are pics of it. This does look amazing!

  3. Man, I would give anything to have that! (As I’m sure pretty much everyone on here would).

    However, just the picture of the sketch is very cool; I’ll have to re-assess how I draw Sonic now (I have a DeviantArt account, Th3AntiGuardian, if you want to see my Sonic drawing. Don’t want to post the link though, don’t know if that’s okay to do).

    Why would they choose that render of Sonic though? There are so many other ones that look cooler; not that I’m complaining though, him just being in the exhibit is awesome!

  4. Now this is a great idea! I hope that many had a chance to talk with this fun character. Its very rare to see Yuji out and about. But all for a great cause!

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