Where’s Sonic? Why, He’s in This New Book Of Course!

Some of you may remember an old book published by ‘Ladybird’ called ‘Where’s Sonic?’ The book was pretty much a ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo’ clone, only it had Sonic characters instead of the mischievous man in the red and white jumper. In the 90’s and to this day these books were incredibly popular with kids and adults. If you were a kid sitting in the back of a car on a long journey, these books were a blast! So a Sonic themed one was a dream come true for lots of fans growing up in the 90’s.

Well, now it’s the turn of a new generation to enjoy what we had. Published by McMillan and having the same title as it’s 90’s predecessor. “Where’s Sonic: a Search and Find Book” looks set to test your powers of observation.

If you fancy a copy, the best price we could find would be at Amazon who are taking pre-orders for £2.99 (just under $5) with free shipping for within the UK. The book currently has a release date of October 11th. You can buy/pre-order from here.

Whilst this is a UK listing, we have also seen listings on several Australian websites and a few mainland Europe stores suggesting this won’t be limited to the UK.

Source: Scholastic Via SonikkuForever

Cheapest listing we can find: Amazon UK

Now lets have some fun, on the picture above, see if you can find the following.

  • Shadow
  • Big the Cat
  • Metal Sonic
  • Blaze
  • Vector
  • Silver
  • An Eggrobo
  • 4 Motobugs
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (we advise going to the opticians if you don’t spot this one).
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    1. I like how Shadow is hidden deeply in the background lol.

      I will buy this if it comes to Amazon in the US.

  1. Stock imagery ahoy! I really hope some effort has gone into this and isn’t too easy. The cover art looks a bit lazy. Still, I’ll get one! Loved my old one, just wish I knew what happened to it!

  2. Looks like a lot of Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors stock art. It’ll be cool if the different pages expand into some of the other games like Sonic & the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Adventure. Though I kind of think it’ll just be this same group of characters photoshopped into different environments.

  3. I still have the Where’s Sonic and Where’s Sonic Now books under my bed. If this comes anywhere near close to the awesomeness of those, I’ll be tempted (and it’s not often I buy much in the way of merchandise nowadays). Shame the cover doesn’t look very promising in a quality front, though.

  4. This reminds me of a book I had long ago and I think it had the same title! You had to find Sonic, Tails and Knuckles along with a chaos emerald in each segment of the book and were all based on stages from Sonic 3! This certainly brings back memories and I’m definatly going to order this!

  5. I still have Where’s Sonic and Where’s Sonic Now under my bed. They were excellent fun, and even I’d be tempted to get this (as someone who doesn’t really try and accumulate much Sonic merchandise anymore), but the quality of the thing looks questionable at best, especially if the cover is anything to go by.

  6. This i hope reaches U.S This looks awesome in generations artwork! As for the character list Hogfather you missed alot more characters.


    Just kidding, this looks like it’s gonna be okay for the price it’s at. I’ll wait until I see a few inside pages before considering getting it though. Because stock art. Ugh.

  8. I doubt we’ll get this book in stores here in Canada….we barely have any Sonic merchandising here once so ever…..that new Sonic ‘SPEED’ bedding that recently came out in the summer NOBODY has…not even the redneck store WALMART has it. The only way one could get that book is if chapters or some other book store in your area has it available for pre-order. That’s basically how I get all my Sonic related books. 🙁

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