Sonic to have more appearances in Wreck-It Ralph

Sonic to have more appearances in Wreck-It Ralph


We’ve known for some time that Sonic was getting a cameo in the upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph, and at Sonic Boom we thought we may have seen that cameo. As it turns out, probably not! In a recent interview with TOTAL FILM, Wreck-It Ralph producer Clark Spencer discussed and another scene featuring Sonic, while discussing the input video game companies had over the course of the movie’s production.

“We had a scene where we wanted the rings to come out of Sonic, and SEGA said the only way that happens is if he falls over, and we didn’t have him fall over in the scene, so we actually went back and re-animated it.”

If you want to read the interview in full, click here.


  1. That quote confuses me greatly. What did they re-animate? I need to eat dinner.

    Also, COOL! I hope Sonic really shines in this film!

  2. So…wait…they wanted Sonic to fall with rings, so they took out the rings, took out the clip entirely, re-made the clip for the movie…with or without rings? Man “this is all so confusing…” lol quoting Sonic ’06 is fun!

  3. To the confused people, I think that they meant that a scene with Sonic losing his rings was animated, but he didn’t fall over in the scene, so they went back to reanimate it and make Sonic fall.

  4. Sonic probably tripped thanks to the random tripping mechanic from Brawl, lol.

    Or a banana peel. *Glares at Diddy Kong*

  5. I kind of think SEGA is being too picky with the whole drop the rings thing. I mean Sonic dropped his rings for the security check in the Winter Olympics commercial and he didn’t fall down then. And it was hilarious.

  6. Woaw, and to think when this movie was first being made everyone was excited with just the fact that Eggman made an appearance 🙂

  7. Geez, I’ve not been this excited for a movie in a very long time (the last time was The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie when I was nine. XD). But I’m STILL annoyed at Disney for making movie goers in the UK wait until FEBRUARY. It’s so unfair. >:(

    Oh, and if Link is in this too, then it may possibly become my new favourite movie. Although I doubt that’ll happen after what happened with Mario and Luigi. Wouldn’t it be funny if he kept attempting to talk but something or someone kept interrupting him? It’d be the ultimate running gag. XD

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