Sonic Generations Nominated For Two Golden Joystick Awards

“YES! I’m making my way back to the top, baby!”

It’s that time of year when the annual Golden Joystick awards roll around once more, allowing gamers across the globe to vote for their favourite games from the past year in a number of different categories. This year’s awards will be of particular interest to Sonic fans though, as the blue blur’s 20th anniversary title – Sonic Generations – has been nominated not once, but twice!

That’s right, not only is Generations a nominee in the Best Action Game category, but the City Escape level (be it classic or modern!) is also up for a gong as Top Gaming Moment.

If you were one of the many who thoroughly enjoyed Sonic’s time-travelling adventure, then you can place your votes for the game via the following links:

Vote for Sonic Generations as Best Action Game

Vote for Sonic Generations as Top Gaming Moment

Best of luck to Sonic in his bid for these Golden Joysticks!

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  1. for best action game its going to be hard to win. but for the best moment i think the only game that can beat Sonic is Batman Arkham City [BATMAN SPOILER ALEEEEERT!!!!!!! DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT PLAY ARKHAM CITY] because the Joker gets killed at the end [SPOILERS END HERE]

  2. I doubt that he would win in either categories, but the fact that a Sonic game has been nominated TWICE in the Golden Joystick Awards is proof that Sonic is back on form and will not ‘die’ anytime soon 😉

    The truck chase was definitely jizztastic…you’ve made me proud ya blue f*cker! =D

  3. From that page:

    “Best Blue Blur platformer since Sonic & Knuckles”

    So damn true. The only reason why Sonic fans claim the Adventure games are better is that they’re being nostalgia whores, note how non-Sonic fans (ie: people who aren’t blinded by Sonic nostalgia) consider the latest 3D Sonic games to be the best games in the series since the Genesis days. SA1 was filled with glitches and overly linear stages and had so many automations that the game played itself most of the time; and in SA2 the only good stages (the Sonic/Shadow ones) made up only 1/3 of the game, and even those weren’t that great: Sonic and Shadow were too damn slow by Sonic standards and the stages were even more linear than SA1’s, in addition to having really boring, simplistic and uninspired layouts and a lack of theme diversity (there were only city, forest, mountain, desert, and space stages in the whole game, which just isn’t enough, especially when you consider that the game has 33 stages).

    1. Aquatic Mine – Abandoned mine
      Death Chamber/Egg Quarters/Pyramid Cave – Pyramid interior
      Iron Gate/Prison Lane – Underground military facility
      Metal Harbor/Weapons Bed – Aircraft carrier
      Security Hall – Security compound

      And even then, there’s plenty of variation between areas like Crazy Gadget and Final Rush. Writing off each level as a “space level” or a “desert level” is just bogus. There are certain levels that have a hero/dark counterpart, such as Final Rush and Final Chase, but there are key differences in their design. They use different gimmicks, have distinct visual elements, and the style of the layout is completely different too.

      Besides, the “limited” variety of environments is largely based on the fact that the game has a strong focus on narrative. It plays out much like a movie. If someone were to adapt Sonic Adventure into a movie, they’d have to cut a bunch of stages and snip some boss battles out. Sonic Adventure 2 could largely be kept unaltered. Its streamlined design is likely why its story is easily the most entertaining story of all of the Sonic games. The amount of variation they added into the levels is impressive.

      Sonic Generations is a great game. It’s definitely one of my favorite 3D Sonic games, along with the two Sonic Adventures. All three games have their problems, and in Generations’ case, that problem is a lack of difficulty (except for Planet Wisp). Sonic Adventure 2 is a much greater challenge, which is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the upcoming HD release. That and the multiplayer are the two things that really set the game apart from the others.

    1. *Sigh* COD is so boring! but as we all know GENERATIONS WAS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES ON XBOX360 and PS3 EVAAAAAAA!!!

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how well Sonic goes. I reckon this being posted on the Sonic Stadium will boost his votes like it did when the official Sonic Facebook page posted that link to the pol on GamesRadar with the question “Mario or Sonic? Who is better?” I may as well repost the link here in so Sonic can not just win the poll, but win it by a mile

  5. It is great to see Sonic being back to awesome standards. I hope Generations wins. I’ll even say Sonic’s games are better than Mario’s (except for Galaxy 2, thats just gaming perfection).

  6. WTF they chose being chased by an 18 wheeler as the top gaming moment as opposed to Kicking Metallix’s (Metal Sonic’s) ass to the curb again? WTF is this world coming to? COME ON PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  7. Interesting… Sonic might have a chance after all ‘cuz in both categories the game has the most amount of tweets. And yes i compared some of the games, he’re some noteworthy ones;

    Best Action:
    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (6 tweets)
    Batman: Arkham City (0 tweets)
    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (15 tweets)
    Sonic Generations (27 tweets)

    Top Moments:
    Battlefield 3 (4 tweets)
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (1 tweet)
    Journey (1 tweet)
    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (4 tweets)
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (1 tweet)
    Sonic Generations (21 tweets)

    I thought this way noteworthy.. Whaddya guys think?

  8. Almost never thought I would see the day…but hey, Sonic hasn’t won it yet. Still a major achievement considering the past several years.

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