Sonic Adventure 2 HD Footage Surfaces!

Itching to see more of Sonic Adventure 2 HD in action? Well, hold on to your party hats, because the footage you’re about to see is absolutely brilliant!


Courtesy of SEGA of Japan (if the Japanese language and text weren’t a dead giveaway), a near 3 minute montage went online yesterday showcasing the upcoming rerelease in high definition action. The video demonstrates cutscenes, multiplayer, the Chao Karate, and bits of the bonus documentary that will accompany the highly anticipated classic, and I have to say: the entire package looks gorgeous.

Eager fans of this game will find SA2HD, as well as NiGHTS into Dreams HD, available on their consoles as early as next week!

Can I just take a minute to add how beautiful that game looks right now? Because I would just love to say how beautiful that game looks right now. It’s so beautiful!

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          Seriously guys, there is no point. HD makes no difference hardly at all.

          You people over-reacting are a disgrace. I think you should not do it. Wait for a cheaper price or, ok, waste your money for a game that was out 11 years ago and has grown old.

          I decided no from when I saw a comment below. I agree with him. (aka Logical person 3) because it has not changed at all. Do NOT get this!

          1. Well honestly if you include the asking price which is like £6.49 it kinda is worth it.

            I mean for the game looking nice on my screen, on a console i wont have to dig up from the depths of my cupboard and get it working as well as the added developers videos and commentary, honestly £6.49 seems like a pretty reasonable price i mean its not like there charging for a full priced game here.


  2. Oh I’m so glad they showed the footage of the moon being blown up. I hope this resparks curiousity about what happened to fix it that will continue to go unaddressed by Sega.

  3. I hope Sonic and Shadow’s model in multiplayer is fixed. I don’t know if anybody ever noticed, but in the Dreamcast version of SA2, the multiplayer models had to be simplified in order to get the 2p portion of the game to run without much slowdowns. This made Sonic and Shadow look downgraded and slightly ugly and much of their animation was lost, such as their quills shaking as they rail grind. In the GCN version of SA2, they kept the downgraded models, yet the new ones where Sonic and Shadow wore the PSO outfits were of higher quality, with the quills shaking and all.

    1. ^Logical person number TWO

      And no, they aren’t. They showed us some 2P screenshots and the models are still the same downgraded versions.

  4. Man, I am “not” looking forward to this re-release.

    -No online. (What a missed opportunity for real…. That broke the deal for me.)
    -No updated textures.
    -No updated models. (Even the rings are still octagons.)
    – SA2:Battle DLC … that you have to pay… EXTRA!
    – I highly doubt the chao data from the SADX port will be transferable. (Unless its been confirmed, please prove me wrong.)
    – Besides Big being re-added in (Not sure if just cameos or playable as well), what about all the exclusive costumes that were only present in the DLC for the DC version? That goes as well for the unlockable racers in “kart race” such as OPA OPA.
    – No new modes. Would’ve loved to see a proper time attack mode or “30 second trial” mode that was introduced in Generations to appear.

    Besides leaderboards and widescreen, there isn’t anything worthwhile for me to purchase this game again. If anything i’ll wait a couple of months and wait for it to end up on sale on one of Xbox Live’s Deals of the week.

    1. ^And DEFINITELY Logical Person number THREE!

      Thank all three of you for being some of the few people to realize why this is such a waste of time with little to no effort put into it.

      Which I suppose makes me one of the “Logical Person number ZERO”‘s for seeing this coming since the over-hype of the first announcement. >>

      1. Where does logic come into this? You come off as condescending, and that’s about it. While I’m sure everyone WANTED to see some sort of super Sonic Adventure 2 DC/GC port with all of the multiplayer characters, karts, levels and race tracks from both versions, all of the graphical enhancements from the Gamecube version but none of the downgrades, Dreamcast Chao Gardens, etc., I doubt that many, if any of us actually believed that was gonna be the case.

        But so what? It’s Sonic Adventure 2: Battle in HD. A lot of newer fans never got to play it the first time around, and a lot of old school fans don’t have the game anymore, or have it and.or their Dreamcast in storage somewhere, so this is a great option for anyone interested in trying the game out. Not interested? That’s fine. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

        Get over yourself.

        1. If they have it in storage wouldn’t they just get it out instead of buying it again? lol but you have a point newer fans can finally give it ago.

          1. I moved across the world. Literally, all of my old games, my DC, my GC are in another country. I have no chance to play old games I enjoyed. That’s why I’m looking forward to this release.

        2. It’s not SA2B in HD.

          It’s SA2B just as you played it before without the “B” part unless you buy it which you could still find very easily in a Gamestop even now.

          This re-release doesn’t deserve any of the praise or hype it’s getting when it does nothing new and survives off that hype alone just to cash in money when the game is easily purchasable at a local game store or online to where it can be played on the Wii.

          THAT’S where logic comes in. There’s nothing new, nothing of value, and it’s not as impossible to get this game (again) as you people cry and complain that it is. That’s my point.

          Get mad at what I say if you want, but that fact remains true. And just because I’m not all for this idea doesn’t mean I won’t say anything about it, because nothing is stopping me.

          Just like nothing could stop you from not minding my thoughts and getting the game anyway. :3

          1. I will admit that I’m looking forward to see what kind of mods are made, though. Hopefully there will be good ones…But then again, Generation ones would probably remain much more interesting.

          2. But the reason the release is getting hyped is because it’s one of the most popular games in the series. It has nothing to do with how much effort has gone into the game. I’ll be the first to say that this isn’t a particularly impressive port, but at least it’s a step in the right direction from that awful SA release a couple years back. Hell, there are probably dozens of things that won’t make it into the game that should. Off the top of my head…

            Should be included:

            * Sonic’s DC PSO, Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Shadow’s DC PSO, Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Tails’ DC Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Eggman’s DC camo, Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Knuckles’ DC PSO, Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Rouge’s DC ninja, Christmas and Halloween costumes
            * Big the Cat multiplayer character
            * Opa-Opa kart
            * ‘Fantasy Zone’ race track
            * ‘E shaped course’ race track
            * ‘High Speed Trial’ race track

            Should be tinkered with:

            * Chao Gardens should go back to their Dreamcast layouts
            * Chao Lobby music should play in the Chao Lobby, and the music from SA’s Chao Racing Lobby can play in the Chao Cave
            * Use the Dreamcast’s superior enemy models
            * Use the Dreamcast version’s superior lighting effects
            * Bring back the various textures abandoned in Battle, like Eggman’s insignia on the back of his Egg Walker

            Other things they could add:

            * Sonic ‘Classic Shoes’ costume
            * Tails’ ‘Cyclone’ kart
            * Rouge’s ‘Route 280’ kart
            * ‘Route 101’ multiplayer race track
            * ‘Route 280’ multiplayer race track
            * Alternate costumes and characters selectable in single player levels
            * AI opponents in Battle mode
            * Online Battle mode

            I could go on forever about this. The bottom line is that this is far from a perfect port. I hope that SEGA revisits both Sonic Adventures some day and gives them a better treatment. If they redid all of the graphics with modern day technology, added all of the content from both DC and GC versions of the games, and fixed all of the bugs, I’d pay retail price for that. But they’re not making a definitive port of either game anytime soon, which is a shame, but they’re also not asking for loads of money either, so I think it’s a reasonable price tag.

          3. And by the way, I’ve never complained about it being difficult to obtain SA2. I still have a pristine Japanese copy of SA2 from my 10th Anniversary Birthday Box.

            But for those of us who don’t have a copy of the game, it’s not exactly cheap by comparison to go for an old copy of the game anyway. Best you can find is a used copy of SA2B for roughly the same price that you’ll be paying for this new digital release, only unlike the new release, SA2B on GC isn’t in HD. And after S&H it’s gonna be more. Plus then you have to wait for the thing to ship to your home, as opposed to the immediate download you get with this new version.

            So no, even with your “logic,” your solution isn’t practical for anyone who wants to pick up the game. And frankly, now that this new release is almost here, why would anyone bother tracking down a physical copy unless they were a collector, or wanted the Dreamcast exclusives specifically?

        3. ^ Thank you. Unfortunately, it’s the internet where every moron thinks his opinion is most important. Best to just ignore stupidity. 😀

          1. And most discs comes scratced to death. I have 2 discs of this wonderful, both hard to read for my wii and GC. And not everyone have a wii and/or GC.

          2. Right, because everyone who doesn’t blindly agree with everyone else is automatically stupid for having their own thoughts and personality.


          3. Actually, you’re the one who seems to be implying stupidity on the people who don’t agree with you. “Logical person number blah blah blah.” What a crock. There are numerous reasons someone might be interested in this port, and you’re saying that “logically” there’s nothing to be excited about. So what does that make everyone else? Are we incapable of critical thinking if we want the game?

            More importantly than your condescending behavior, your “logical” solutions for getting the game prior to this release are impractical at best. “Oh boy, I can get the same game for an older console in SD with a native 4:3 aspect ratio, and for an extra $5, $10 or $15, and I have to wait for it to ship to my home, and there’s a possibility that it could be scratched up, making it difficult to boot? Sign me up!” Derp!

  5. WOAH! That crisp HD-look is gorgeous! Vizard i shall complement thee on thou post. You did beautiful Vizard, you did beaut’.

  6. The multiplayer in Battle was very fun, but none of my friends was as good as me. With an online mode I would find people as good as me…

  7. I don’t mind playing SA2 on my 360, but this is EXACTLY the same point i’ll raise about FFVII: Where is the upside?
    We get to play the same game on new consoles. That’s dandy, but when SEGA decides to re-release SA2 for the 4th time on the next generation of consoles i would love to know just how similar the reactions will be.

    You’re essentially paying money for a repackaged SA2. The only reason it’s HD is because you’re playing it on a console capable of that resolution. All SEGA had to do in the port was remove whatever resolution limit the original SA2 might’ve had.

    1. You’ve completely missed the point of ports if you’re going to be asking what is the upside to it. Perhaps gamers no longer have their old copy of the game or perhaps they no longer have the console needed to play said game. And it’s available as a digital download, a major upside for gamers who have a tough time tracking down a physical copy. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to play MvC2 once again on XBLA after someone stole my original Dreamcast copy.

      And let’s not get into emulators and whatnot. That’s an entirely different story.

  8. Ill stick with my Gamecube version, having to pay for Adventure 2 battle DLC is a bit of money grabbing if you ask me and what ive seen in the video, it isnt really a HD remake, it would have been cool if Sega actually remade it with the same graphics at-least as Generations (i know it would have taken time but at-least if they did, it would be considered a HD remake)

    The only exciting thing is that the game is finally on PC, but even then i wouldn’t wanna buy it again, even if its a great game and one of Sonic’s best.

  9. God damn it, PC? Wait… Might be in the wrong post. PSN boo ya! I just got it last week! Go eat another one hell! Heaven gave me another present! Lol!

  10. I’ll be honest, I don’t see any quality difference in this compared to the GC version. I still plan on buying it this because it’s my favorite Sonic game of all time, and I can play it on PS3/Xbox360. And besides, maybe there will be a real HD quality to it once you actually play it on your game system instead of watching it over Youtube. It’ll also be exciting for the gamers out there who never played it before; Dreamcast and Gamecube were never as popular as PS3 and Xbox360 are now anyways. All in all, I’m excited.

  11. Er… I’ve been playing this game, it looks almost exactly the same. Maybe SLIGHTLY adjusted, but nothing that mindblowing in my opinion… lol. But I don’t really care. They could give me the dreamcast graphics, I’d be happy. I just want the dang game on PC.

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