S&ASRT Facebook Tab Now Live, Why Sonic is in Vehicles REVEALED!

SEGA has this evening opened a Facebook tab for all things Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on their official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page. It appears this will be in place of an official website for the game, as Sumo Digital confirmed a while back on the SSMB that their won’t be an official site this time. The Facebook tab has all of the features of a game website such as trailers, screenshots, features etc, but right now there isn’t anything new. We’ll keep our eyes open for any updates in the run up to launch, though.

Something we did notice is a SEGA rep answering fans questioning why Sonic is in vehicles and thought we would share it with you.

Now can we put an end to this question at long last, please? Pretty please?

Source: Official Sonic Facebook page

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  1. I wonder if the reason they don’t have a main site is because everytime they do some rabid Sonic fan will hack it and spoil all the surprises. Where as a Facebook page would be a lot tougher to get into I imagine.

  2. Awww, I didn’t even think of that. ­čÖé

    Oh, and I agree with darkgomugomu – I immediately thought of Dobby the House Elf. XDDD

  3. So that is the reason? To be honest, I thought that was the case, because I always thought Sonic was always like that. So no surprise from me.

      1. Because that special move is meant to be signature to the character/series somehow in illogical ways. When he gets out of his car, his car also disappears. Explain that beyond mere gameplay mechanic. xD

        1. That’s easy:

          The special moves, if they work like the first game, you only use them to catch up. Sonic’s car may not be able to go as fast to catch up, and no rule says you can use other means.

          So yeah, catching up only.

  4. Oh, I thought it was in regards of “why there’s only Sonic in the artbox” and not the actual “why is Sonic in a car”

    Seriously, do actually people still ask this?

    1. See this is where my answer makes more sense. The game is a race car/vehicle game. They’re racing to see who’s the better driver/pilot. So running is irrelevant.

      In Sonic X, Sam Speed was pitching his speedy driving specifically against Sonic’s running just to see who was faster. Not necessarily who was the fastest driver or fastest runner, but who could get to the end fastest period. And that’s why Sam was in a car and Sonic wasn’t. xD

      1. Easy, because Sonic can’t pull a car that’s his out of thin air. He was in a strange world so yeah, he worked with what he had at the time in the first episode.

        The other times they raced, I’m pretty sure Sam WANTED to race him on foot, to see if his natural speed or machines were better.

        So yeah.

  5. If you think about it Sonic is “The fastest thing alive!” so thus riding in a vehicle will enable him to move even faster… but that doesn’t explain how Sonic beat Sam Speed in Sonic X, and why those vehicles in SART don’t seem to be traveling faster than the speed of sound, (or in Super Sonic’s case, the speed of light) is beyond me. Hah, Sonic probably is just a nice guy, playin it slow for the sake of the game.

    1. lolwut? Sonic is obviously faster than the car, hence the “He’s a stand up guy and wants to keep the race fun and fair”.

      1. “Fastest thing alive” means that the car is not “alive” thus can be faster than Sonic, this includes robots and stuff, they aren’t technically “living” so they hypothetically should be faster, eh? Haha, just me over thinking the situation, for fun.

        1. It can be faster than Sonic IF they make a car capable of being faster than Sonic.

          He’s the fastest thing alive because he’s faster than anything else that’s living. His top speed is 760 miles per hour. No other living thing can get even near that. But that’s also SO fast that it’s hard to get a lot of non-living things to match that speed, and Sam’s car wasn’t up to it.

          1. And i, for one, really get a sense that sonic faster than the car itself. I mean just look at him in unleashed or generations.

  6. I assumed from the very beginning that Sonic was in a vehicle because those were the rules of the race! You cant do the race on foot if its a race for vehicles, regardless of how fast you can run!

  7. Will S&ASRT have online on the wii u if it dose not I’m not geting it and they gotta fix the fps big cat time

  8. Im more interested where sonic got the Car from and where he got the plane (Tornado) from too , it was his before he gave it to Tails after all lol.

    1. It’s always been his. Except in Unleashed. But it might be because Tails rebuilt most of it.

      And idk, where does anyone get vehicles in the Sonic world? idk where he got the plane, probably from an old friend with a shop. But I’d imagine his car, being designed like that, was made by Tails.

  9. Okay then, in Golden Axe Level, you start on lava (in boat form) are you telling me the Sonic can run on lava? And no the flame shield doesn’t count.

  10. Well that makes sense but then why isn’t he winning all the foot-based events in the Olympics? No rule says you can’t use super speed there.

      1. Unfair gameplay-wise. if he were actually in the Olympics he’d probably run slow til the very end and win.

  11. In other words Sega is telling fanboys to stop taking things so literally,because it’s just a game. lol

  12. Ok I know this probably won’t get posted but I seriously want to say this:
    Their answer on FB is what I’ve been saying for years, no one listened to me. -_-

    1. That’s because it’s their BS answer.

      It’s like if you asked them how Sonic got his speed. They won’t tell you an actual piece of story. They’ll just use a typical “easy answer” because they haven’t actually determined how in as an actual part of the story.

      In the first game I can see it being just cuz it wouldn’t be fair since it was originally going to have some characters not in vehicles, rendering the game not just a race car game. But in this game, yeah it would be unfair, to SONIC. Not only can he not DRIVE by running (the point of the game), buy he can’t swim or fly either).

      If there were other characters not using vehicles and it WASN’T about who the best driver/pilot was and it was simply about who could get to the finish line the fastest by any means possible, then I GUESS Sonic could Figure-8 to run across water and turn into Super Sonic for flying sections. xD

      1. ..Um, it’s not a BS answer at all. The fact he likes cars has to have a STORY to it? That’s like saying you need a story for every like you gain. You can’t just play a series and be like, oh yeah, I like it. Or drive a car and be like, hey this is fun, and that’s it.

        Now that’s BS.

        Sonic is driving a car because yes, he is a stand up guy and would like to make the race fair for everyone else, and has it ever occurred to you that, oh I don’t know, maybe he LIKES CARS? Maybe he’s in the race for FUN? Not to be the best driver etc, but for FUN?

        If a person drives a race car, it’s probably, oh I don’t know, their INTEREST?! I mean, a general interest to him is speed.

        You need to stop looking at it from a game point of view and look at it from a CHARACTER point of view.

        It doesn’t matter what the game was or what it was going to be, a race needs to be fair for everyone, even if it’s just for fun. He likes vehicles. It’s a perfectly acceptable answer.

        And honestly? What you just said makes no sense. A race is simply who gets to the finish line first, it has nothing to do with characters not being in vehicles… video games are for fun you know. :/

  13. Has nobody read the original character profiles from the original SEGA ALL STARS game?! It states clearly that Sonic is in a car because it wouldn’t be fair to the other racers if he were able to run. But none of it matters since all of this is just for fun. It’s not like the game is part of the main series, just like Super Sonic Racing, (Sonic R.) It’s just so the players can have a bit of fun. Some “down time” really.

  14. i could of sworn they answered that question already, wasn’t with the first one? i remember a little comic strip about it too

    1. Yeah, I remember in Sonic’s character profile in the first game they said something about that.

  15. I don’t know why the article even included that answer. That’s just some random SEGA rep who doesn’t know what to say anymore than most fans because he wasn’t the one who decided why he should be in a vehicle. It’s not a real answer.

    It’s common sense that he’s not in a car simply because it’s fair. It’d be like using a motorcycle in a 100 meter dash foot race. It’s not just that it’s unfair. Driving a motorcycle does not show how fast you run at all. And Sonic running doesn’t show how good of a driver he is at all either. xD

  16. It’s like in Sonic Generations during Seaside Hill’s kart section. Webber was asked why Sonic was in the car THEN. He didn’t know what to actually say and said it was just for style points. I guess that’s kinda true. But isn’t obviously because it’s referencing the kart from the actual stage/game (Sonic Heroes) as well as All-Stars Racing? =p

  17. Why does eggman race in his egg-mobile while he could just race in his EGG CARRIER
    Why does tails race in his ripped version of the tornado when he could of used his x tornado or jet tornado
    Why does shadow race in a car when he can just use chaos control im sure as hell that shadow will be a pride full prick and would care to be unfair lol.
    Why Is alex kid in these game does he have a grudge against sonic XD?

  18. And yet, there are still going to be people who can’t understand this basic concept.

    Sonic is in a car to have fun and be fair. I think I remember something saying that Sonic doesn’t like a race very much if it isn’t fair or challenging, so that adds on to this as well.

  19. I wasn’t being serious with the REVEALED bit. I’m well aware SEGA commented on complaints about him being in a car in the first game. I was having a bit of fun with them now commenting on complaints about him being in all manner of vehicles.

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