Update: Norwegian Retailer Lists “Sonic Wii-U”

UPDATE: SSMB Staffer Carbo points out “Placeholder for whatever moment an actual Wii U Sonic title is announced. Scandinavian retailers do this regularly for titles they “expect”. When Sonic Generations 3DS was announced, all previous placeholder preorders for “Sonic 3DS” on another website became allocated to that”

Looking around the site there are listings for a few unannounced games including Epic Yarn 2 (thanks to Josh in the comments for that one). Oh well it was nice to be excited whilst it lasted… anyone wanna take bets on when something is announced?

ORIGINAL STORY: Norwegian retailer CDON.com has posted a listing for a new Sonic game on the Wii-U, simply entitled “Sonic (Nintendo Wii U).” The retailer also has a listing for a ‘Super Monkey Ball Cafe’ game on the same system. For those who don’t know, ‘Cafe’ was the code name for the Wii-U.

Now obviously the thinking is, ‘maybe this is their listing for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed?’ Well this is what makes the listing a tad interesting, the site already has a listing for ASRT on the Wii-U.

As of yet, there has been no official word on a new Sonic game for any system outside of ASRT, so this might be be an error on behalf of the website. It would be crazy to assume that a Sonic game won’t ever be made for the Wii-U. However, is this listing a sign one is on the way? Or has the retailer got it very very wrong?

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

CDON.com’s Wii-U listings

Sonic Wii-U listing.

Super Monkey Ball Cafe listing.

ASRT’s Wii-U listing.

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  1. As nice as this’d all be (the site has placeholders for many many more unreleased games, such as Epic Yarn 2, Kingdom Hearts, Doom 4, etc..)

    It’s just very hard to believe this retailer in particular isn’t pulling stuff out of their arses to generate a little hype and/or controversy. It’s also unfortunate that all it takes is a big retailer blunder in order for the majority to believe it as fact.
    So yep for now I’m taking this as a pinch of salt, even if a WiiU Sonic is inevitable I don’t think this confirms it.

    1. Yeah. I mean, Wii U. It’s one of the next gen’s consoles. Sonic is gonna be on the system, anyone can predict that. This doesn’t mean they’re ready to announce a specific project.

      And even if this is real, maybe it’s, for some reason, referring to Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed. idk. lol

    2. Aye just had someone else point out aparently this is common practice for retailers in Scandinavia to do this… oh well… Back to playing cards.

  2. I honestly don’t think there will be a new Sonic game announcement until Spring 2013. More specifically, I think an announcement, whether an announcement or announcement trailer, will come during February.

    1. Well, the Vita isn’t selling so hot, and Sonic is not referred as a AAA title. So, in other words, SEGA believes that Sonic may not help the Vita sales at all. Maybe when the Vita has more sales. Just wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. While one of the above comments mentioned a spring 2013 announcement, I’m thinking we’ll get one within a couple of months for a late spring release. (April or May)
    So, maybe it’s too optimistic, but we’ll see.

  4. Super monkey ball cafe? That’s something i would love to see. As for Sonic Wii-U is this what people ment by the Rumor “Sonic Dimensions”? Or can this be episode 2 for the Wii-U?

  5. It’ll look awesome, people will get excited, a demo will come out, people will play it and get more excited, the game will come out, people will buy it, the reviews will come in, and…

    “It didn’t need -insert gimmick here- to make it awesome”

    Don’t look at me like that. It’s always been this way! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Followed by “Sonic hasn’t had a good game since 1992 (Please ignore our other reviews), Sonic Team should give up, it’s not worth the plastic it was pasted on. But hey, we thought it was a great game. we give it an 8.3”

    1. Yeah, but Izuka (I think) said it was a hoax, while awkwardly holding Sonic 4 episode 3 art behind his back, covering the latest script, and waving off the guy with the updated cast list.

  6. this is obviously a new sonic 2013 game which is going to be a wii-u exclusive. WHICH is gay because that means i wont get to play it on 360. (why the hell would i buy a wii-u? LOL)

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