3 New Sonic: The Movi-errr Wreck-it-Ralph Posters

Here, we have 3 new Wreck-it-Ralph posters. One featuring the main cast, another featuring Bison and Q-Bert front and center with Eggman just off to the right and one that I will be bribing my local theater owner into giving me with Sonic front and center. Making Zangief look puny in comparison. Beautiful!

I dunno about you folks, but I gotta have that poster!


  1. I love these posters! I gotta have these! Especially the one with Sonic! He has an epic pose and look. Reminds me of his Sonic 06 look.

    1. You’re not the only one who had that ‘2006 thought’ XD

      Except this one looks way better imo. Odd tidbit of the spines flowing in the wind XD

    1. Actually, if you look really closely, the “point of the line” of Sonic’s mouth starts from the side.

      But if you saw it from a distance, it does look like it’s in the center. Just because Sonic’s smile goes to the center doesn’t mean that he’ll talk with his mouth in the center. πŸ™‚

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this is one of the worst pictures of Sonic I’ve seen? I love everything Sonic and I’m afraid, for me, this goes at the bottom of the list. πŸ™

  3. OOOOH MAAAH GAWD I was going to leave my FB timeline picture of the first poster until the movie came out…definitely changing it to the Sonic one now. If Sonic doesn’t have a big role now, Disney is false advertising!

  4. I was kinda wondering why they didn’t have the other main characters in the poster, but now everything is solved. Still, with this kind of publicity, Sonic will shoot through the roof!

  5. Hold up, why is Sonic on one of the main posters? He’s just making a minor cameo in a couple places, right?…………………………………………………………right?

    1. You know, after seeing that poster…I have the darndest feeling that Ralph may show up in a Sonic game as he passes through the different games….

  6. So wait am i the only one that isent getting exicted i mean its just a poster people AND SONIC DOSENT EVEN LOOK THAT GOOD The fuck is wrong with his spike?

  7. Yeah the whole design of Sonic’s model screams Sonic 06,I wonder why they desigined it that way.In the film he looks like his Generation/Colors/Unleashed look but oh well.

  8. Me want that Sonic poster πŸ˜€ I so can’t wait to see this in the UK πŸ˜€ WHY U MAKE US WAIT FOR UK PREMIERE DISNEY?

  9. I hate how people are like “SAWNEEK SHUD HAVE A BIG ROLE IN DA MOVIE AND BE DA MAIN KARAKTURZ” that’s a bit selfish considering that you’re obviously sonic fans and want sonic to be flat out a main character in the movie, all of the characters should have their fair share of cameos and what not so please stop with the sonic would be the main character what about zangief? m.bison? and whoever the **** else is in the movie?!!?11


  10. Wait…remember a while back when there was an article about Yuji Naka mentioning a possible Sonic movie in the works? Do you think THIS is what they were talking about? (well, it’s not a Sonic movie, per se, but you get the idea.) πŸ™‚

  11. hopefully Disney is gonna give the video game characters more then just little cameos. Maybe thier just putting them on the cover to get people sooo curious and see the movie when all the game charectars are just getting little cameos.

    1. From what I’ve read in recent interviews, they’re trying to be as accurate to the characters and their games as possible all the while respecting the gaming industry. Honestly this is something Disney can do, which is a shame that the big wigs within the industry can’t *coughcoughcoughEAcoughcoughcough*

  12. *calls her manager friend at the AMC theater to get ALL the Wreck it Ralph posters!*

    I know I’d be basically selling my soul to her to help her at conventions next year, but to get my hands on those posters will be SO worth it!

  13. Random comment to throw out there: Is it just me, or has Sonic been growing in popularity over the last few years? I am getting a many, many comments–particularly positive ones–now more than ever from people around campus community about my Sonic apparel which then, in turn, leads to more talk among them. From what I have been able to gather, this increase of popularity is from the flux of game releases–especially Sonic CD on the mobile platforms–and now Sonic in Wreck-It Ralph of the Disney Pixar films.

    Now, Wreck-It Ralph is not a Sonic movie per se, but it is probably better for his image than a half-baked, long-forgotten Sonic movie at any rate. And it could very well serve as a stepping stone for him to get back into mass media.

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