Sonic OVA in Source Filmmaker! Strange, Isn’t It?

I’m gonna say it right now: Source Filmmaker is one of the greatest things to have ever happened.

The short clip was put together by Chaofanatic using the software and audio from the infamous scene from the Sonic OVA, and it’s absolutely brilliant! Some would say that such a concept would be… strange, isn’t it?

Strange or not, now we get down to the following video!


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  1. Damn, that is amazing. What a revolutionary tool. This is gonna do the industry a lot of good. Fantastic lip sync on this Sonic animation too!

    1. Well Sonic did have jaleel white and he was pretty damn good and SEGA just dident include a voice for classic or else some of the classic fans would have complained about HOW CLASSIC SONIC WAS MUTE IN THE GAMES RAGHHHH

  2. Very nice use of the Classic Sonic, Classic Eggman and Metal Sonic models from Generations. That random school girl was just a cute as Sara. Would be cool if the OVA was completely redone in this fashion. The fan-boys would have a field day with this!

  3. Why is Miyuki from Lucky Star there XD? Anyways, this is an amazing video! This guy should make more shorts like this.

  4. not gonna lie, that was astounding, I think that’s best thing I’ve seen all year…. strange, isn’t it?

    1. I liked, and still like his OVA voice. It’s much more serious and enjoyable. That being said, his OVA that supposedly took place during his younger years is suprisingly mature, while the newer games and such about his teen/later years are childish and unbearable… strange, isn’t it?

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