S&ASRT IGN Preview Gives New Wii U Details

There’s more Sonic All-Stars new racing your way today as IGN reveals a hands-on preview with the Wii-U version. The Wii-U version will include the ability to play the game on the game pad only sans TV or can be used to include a hub to keep the main screen clear.

When you’re in a race, jockeying for position, the screen displays a range of pertinent information – the current order of racers, a mini-map of the course. It’s all unintrusive and useful, but I expect most people to keep their eyes firmly on the race. Similarly, when you unleash one of the game’s eccentric power-ups, you’ll be able to see its destiny on the GamePad’s screen. Launch a remote-controlled car loaded with a stick of dynamite and you can watch it travel towards its unfortunate target.

Also mentioned is one of the games arena modes that use the Wii-U game pad to it’s advantage.

Depending on the circumstances, a GamePad can prove to be an advantage or disadvantage, and All-Stars Racing Transformed smartly uses this discrepancy as the basis for its mini-games.

I only saw one during my time with the Wii U version, called ‘Super Monkey Ball Arena’, and whomever had the GamePad took control of AiAi, who was as usual encased in his perspex sphere. Meanwhile, opponents using Classic Controllers played as Sonic and Tails in racing cars. The aim of the mini-game was simple: before the time ran out, squash the tiny versions of Sonic and Tails, who were driving around attempting to collect as many bananas as possible.

The Wii-U version of the game is shaping up to be very unique from the other consoles. We should be hearing more as the game nears it’s launch in November. In the meantime, make sure to check the full preview on IGN.


  1. I hope this game will also be compatible with the Pro controller. 🙂 Finally, I’ll be able to play a racing game without seeing any informative stuff. Now I will be able to see all around the screen without things getting in the way.

    I’m really glad SUMO put the Wii U controller to good use, instead of treating it as if it were a gimmick. Thank you, SUMO. 🙂

    1. Actually they are because it is a gimmick.

      Wii U’s final price has been set for $399 and will launch on November 23. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not Transformed will launch with the system. In fact it may be delayed in Europe.

        1. Not sure how leaving a negative comment on Nintendo is sad.

          If anything, I find it refreshing to find some people who don’t blindly praise them for everything aren’t afraid to speak out on the things they do horribly wrong or lazily.

  2. Please stop using Sonic Heroes levels! other than that I’ll buy this game anyways. 🙂 Sonic Colors FTW.

  3. Still not bought (ha ha) on the Wii U, but I’d be willing to try it out at Gamestop or something. First things first though is that price HAS to drop XD

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