New S&ASR Transformed Wii U Screenshots

As well as twelve PS3/Xbox 360 screenshots, SEGA has also released ten screenshots of the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This batch also includes some shots of how the environments look on Nintendo’s new console. You can view them all in our gallery after the jump.

Source: SEGA Press


  1. I try to forget about Sonic Heroes but Sonic Team always shoves it on my face. But I digress.

      1. I don’t notice anything different from the Wii U version against PS360. They’re both the same. Please show me a screenshot if you think they are different, because I seriously see no difference in “shinny-ness” or “dull-ness”.

        I hope you guys aren’t just bashing the Wii U by trying to say that the PS360 version is better and trying to make yourselves feel like your consoles are more powerful. :/ And sorry if I sound like a fanboy, but I am just sick of people who still think that the Wii U is weaker than PS360. If anything, the Wii U version should be better, but SUMO said that they only made the Wii U version equal to the PS360 versions. Steve Lycett said that even though the Wii U version is on par, that once you start utilizing a system’s power to its fullest, you can create something better out of it.

        1. Look at picture 2 in the Wii U pics and picture 6 in the PS360 pics. It’s the same circumstances besides a slight difference in lighting due to position.
          The differences I see are:
          The Wii U models are slightly less polygonal.
          The PS360 has slightly better lava detail.
          I can’t see a difference in shininess due to the difference of lighting.
          The PS360’s texturing is very slightly more detailed.
          In summary, the graphics are, as of the time the Gamescom demo was made, practically equal to each other. Like Ricardo (you, if you’re Ricardo) said, “Steve Lycett said that even though the Wii U version is on par, that once you start utilizing a system’s power to its fullest, you can create something better out of it”. I expect the Wii U version to have better graphics to the point where you start being able to tell the difference while playing both versions, but no more.

        2. Frankly I don’t care as much about graphics. Both are good, but I only intend to get the 360 version…Wii U just isn’t impressing me XD Plus that price tag. Yeesh man O.o

          1. The price tag hasn’t even been released yet lol. Don’t worry, the Wii U is HEAVILY rumored to be $300.00. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata even said that the most important factor for Wii U will be the price. If I were you, I’d be worried on how much the nextBox and PS4 will cost…

            Anyway, I now see what you guys mean by the Wii U version looking “duller”. You guys mean that there aren’t many shiny lights or bright reflections. Just because another version is more shiny, doesn’t mean it’s better. Remember Sonic 4 Ep 1? That game had way too many bright lights. Then, on the iPAD version, all the shiny was gone, and it made the game look much better.

            However, I don’t think dullness is the words you guys are looking for. From looking at the screenshots, the only difference I see is the lighting. The lighting seems better on the PS360 versions. I don’t know if the brightness setting on someone’s TV was dimmed out while they took pictures of the Wii U version, but the Wii U version should easily be able to produce the same lighting as the PS360 versions. I could care less about shiny and bright effects, but the developers need to make the lighting on the Wii U version just a bit higher lol. 🙂

        3. Just so you know; I’m not bashing the Wii U. If anything I am a huge supporter of the console and I’ll probably getting this version of S&ASRT over the others REGARDLESS of what version is labeled the “superior” one.

          I just noted that I though the graphics in the Wii U version wasn’t quite as shiny (in terms of glare from the sun off of objects) as the PS360 version screens showed. And I, personally, think that’s a good thing.

    1. Wii U is powered by the ATI Radeon 4770. This GPU doesn’t look any different from the PS3’s RSX.

      PS3 is perfectly capable of competing against Wii U when pushed to its limits.

      1. …The same way the PSP can compete with the 3DS when pushed to its limits. What I mean is that the Wii U pushed to its limits will look better than a current gen console. It BETTER.

    1. When you said “dull graphics wise?,” No.

      Does it look dull lighting-wise? Yes. Sumo needs to bump up the lighting effect on the Wii U version more. I couldn’t care less about the shiny effects and bright reflections lol

      1. The lighting effect on the Wii U is not much different from what can easily be executed on any low powered GPU card (Nvidia GeForce 8800 Series,200 series, R700.) Wii U can do Unreal 3, but not very well because it only uses DX10. UE3 is ultilized better on DirectX 11.1

        You really aren’t going to see a leap in graphics at all. The system’s hardware is just as powerful as PS3 and that’s it.

  2. They look the same to me. I mean it is going to be like a port, nothing is really going to change between all the versions except for the 3ds ver. I just dont like the Wii U because it doesnt have many launch titles that interest me, i dont much care for the tablet (why pay for something I know I wont use?) I also dont like the new pro controller thing nintendo made for people who dont want a wiimote or tablet (The buttons on the bottom and the control sticks on the top? how am I going to play super smash bros with that shit!?) I also think the Wii U’s specks arnt going to be that amazing in the long run just because they got to the HD train late.

    The wii u is just super gimmicky to me. They are trying to hold the children/family feeling to the system but they are also trying to bring in causal/older gamers? It isnt about graphics its just about the price and the price I am willing to pay when there is at least 5 games or more that I know will be coming out on it. Right now the list is sitting at Rayman Legends, Sega Racing Transformed, and the titles that havent been talked about like HD zelda or Smash bros. But even after those 4 I just feel like waiting.

    1. The Wii U uses Radeon 4770 and DirectX 10.1. with Open GL 3.0 This is a slight variation change in DX9 and is not much different from PS3’s RSX build. Wii U’s main CPU the IBM Waston is also Power 7 based, not much different from PS3’s 4 CELL which is Power 5 based.

      Also, Ricardo is incorrect. Gamestop UK and MANY sources are stating Wii U will cost $399. In fact, pre-orders are 200 pounds The $300 claim is from Nintendo fan sites based on hearsay from a GameTrailers editor. In the more credible sources, it states $400.

      The controller is the reason why the system will be steep as well as Nintendo Land coming packaged with the SKU.

  3. Ah look, Seaside Hill. Could have picked a better Heroes Stage but eh, at least it’s not an SA2 stage

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