New S&ASR Transformed PS3/Xbox 360 Screenshots

With Gamescom 2012 underway, SEGA has today released twelve new screenshots for the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed showcasing a variety of the game’s tracks and vehicles. You can check them out in our gallery after the jump.

Source: SEGA Press


  1. I love that shot at the bottom left. If you zoom if you can see Knuckles riding his land vehicle while jumping through the air, while Sonic (I alnost didn’t see him) is taking an alternate water route, also while jumping in the air. Epic!

  2. I think i’d rather a “proper” sonic game to be honest….I’m really wanting more of the unleashed / colours / “modern” style gameplay for my PS3 and a good story to go with it. Heck they could even do a “Sonic & Shadow” ort “Sonic & Blaze” (PLEASE THIS!!) game (like S&K back in 1994!) and use the same engine for both parts of it – heck call it Sonic Rush 2 or something

    Still, I may well get this for the 3ds.

    1. Sonic Rush Adventure IS Sonic Rush 2.

      And Colors DS is basically Rush 3 without Blaze playable. >>’

  3. Shadow’s vehicle I want so much XD Although, call me a stickler, the lack of his logo on it confuses me. Does this mean he’s adopted GUN’s logo? XD Ah, just speculating.

    This looks like a fun game, and I’ve been needing a racer for my 360…

    1. Shadow’s bike in the first one was the GUN bike, but he had his symbol on the back painted on it. This car doesnt have it though. Maybe he has it on his own menu screen?

      1. Yeah. All I know is that Sega sure isn’t saying “Yeah, he’s not part of that organization” lol. Aside from it actually being stated in game, this is pretty much proof of that fact.

        …But dang that jet is amazing.

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