Mash-Up Monday: Flowering Night of Crisis

Need something fast-paced, intense, and outright crazy to start your long and dreary week? Well, we got just what you need right here on Mash-Up Monday! But, first things first…

How many of you have ever heard of Touhou?

Specifically known as Touhou Project, it is a bullet hell shooter series renowned for its high difficulty, a large cast of characters, and most of all, its crazy music! …no. Seriously. Look some of its music up on YouTube. You will not regret it.

This week, we will feature one of the most synonymous remixes of the series, Night of Nights, combined with a song sporting a much more orchestral touch, yet recognized for being fast-paced and blood-pumping: Crisis City Act 2 from Sonic Generations!


Found a really cool Sonic mash-up somewhere in the depths of the World Wide Web? Got something of your own you would like to share? If your answer to either question is “yes”, then send what you’ve got over at!

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  1. How to unite the 2 series I like most.

    Needless to say Sakuya would turn to be Sonic’s most fearsome enemy. “Luna Clock !!”

  2. YES. YES. After night of nights came out, I saw so many different remix type of things like night of pony (my little pony) night of mario I mean there were sooo many but I couldnt find a sonic anywhere, and now, here it is. THANK YOU MR. VIZARD, AND THANK YOU TRIPLEKYU FOR MAKING THIS MASH-UP

  3. Funnily enough, I was browsing through tons of Touhou fanart and figured, “eh, I’ll switch it up and check what’s on Sonic Stadium”. And lo and behold, my two favorite video game series are mixed. Or, at least, my two favorite series soundtracks. Nice find!

  4. Touhou + Sonic for me is an epic win! Love playing the Touhou Project series, mainly the fighting games. Really nice remix of Night of Night (Flowering Night Remix) with Crisis City. Flowering Nights has to be one of my favorite songs in the whole entire Touhou Project series

  5. o.o Holy moley! I heard of Touhou, but this remix is insane. I thought Crisis was a tricky tune before, but this speed takes it high octane. Awesome find!

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