If Sonic Dies, You Get Electrocuted!


“You… You would complain about Sonic? Put him in the GeneZap.”

The GeneZap is the brainchild of two French modders who have decided that playing Genesis games wasn’t quite entertaining enough, so they’ve created a device that reacts when the player’s character takes damage or is killed, the device punishes the player by giving them an electric shock!

The device is worn around your neck of all places, and delivers a small yet rather powerful electric shock if you perform badly at your favorite Sega game. If you would like to see what happens when you use this device whilst playing the original Sonic, skip ahead to 3:10 in the video and find out… but… you wouldn’t take enjoyment from that players pain would you?

But why stop with just Sonic and Sega consoles? I for one could picture a big market if they made a ‘Demon’s Souls’ edition, or even a Sonic 06 edition “It’s no use!” *ZAAAAAP!* “IT’S NO USE!” *ZAAAAAP!*

For more information on the device, head here, but you will need to translate the text as it’s written in French, unless of course you can read French, in that case, well done!

So, who here wants to post a full video of themselves playing Sonic 1 whilst wearing the GeneZap?

Source: Furrtek


  1. It’s only “electrocuted” if you die from the electric shock.

    But even so, this is a pretty masochistic way to play MegaDrive games.

  2. Super Meat Boy with a shock collar.
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition with a shock collar.

  3. I don’t know whether to think this is really cool or really disturbing. I guess I’ll stick with “interesting”, though it DID make me smile. 😛

  4. damn too bad no one’s taking a chance at Sonic 2006 (yeah its not megadrive but…)of course that would be the death sentence by electric chair 😀

  5. I Wanna Be The Guy/Super Meat Boy with a shock collar? Who would do or think something so sadistic???

    I love the idea… XD

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