Sonic Boom Live Blog

Sonic Boom Live Blog

Hi guys! Nuckles here, talking to you straight from Sonic Boom! I’ll be reporting to you guys about any news to come out of the show tonight. It’s running right now and will continue to run until 10PM PST, so keep an eye on this post for all the latest! Due to the speed of the internet, I’m afraid media won’t be going up until later tonight.

First bit of news to come out of Sonic Boom tonight, during a Sonic Team Q&A, Takashi Iizuka has clarified the status of three Sonic characters: Silver and Eggman Nega ARE from the future, while Blaze is from an alternate dimension.

Costume contest going on. A little kid dressed as Tails was the first one to be introduced. He was absolutely adorable! Also, two superb Eggmans, Kori Maru from the SEGAbits dressed as Joe Musashi.

Winners were the Tails kid in third place, Japanese speaking Eggman in second, and a superb Metal Sonic cosplayer in first!

Iizuka left the VIP room. Totally had nothing to do with Jason getting a picture with him, I swear! Announcer says big news coming. Got Jason on video camera duty. Hope this internet connection holds! Stay tuned.

Had an internet hiccup. On my iPad! Stay tuned.

While I’m waiting, figure I’ll talk about the event. House of Blues is much better then last year’s venue. Kelly Parker and Julian Mehlfeld, the SEGA community team, have done a great job this year! Plenty of TVs everywhere for people who are tired of standing in the music room. Lots of food everywhere. Everyone gets a cute little Chao keychain. The Sonic Retro people were behind me in line, and they were awesome to. Skyler’s doing stuff for the Sonic Show, be sure to watch his stuff when it goes up on the Youtube channel!

Doing a little experiment with photos through my iPad:


The above is a Sonic & All-Stars Racing coaster moments before it mysteriously disappears into my bag.

NiiGHTS trsailer being shown.


Trippy on stage. My poor attempt at a photo.

Sumo Digital is open to bribery. Segato Sanshiro being mentioned. Trippy apparently sent some bribes to Sumo through the mail when trying to get them to put in NiGHTS XD. No new news yet. Don’t get your hopes up for Segata.

Showed the CGI intro. Very special gust: Director of Wreck-it Ralph!

DSonSEGA one of the first video cgame companies called. He’s showing clips!

Looks like rslph is a racer!

Ralph is going to be in All-Stars. Clips shown. We got video!

Ken Balough on stage. Beong cheered. Announcing a game.

Sonic Adventure 2 FINALLY announced officialy, by the masters of secrecy XD. Funny trailer.

That’s it!

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  1. Awesome!
    I always thought Nega was an awesome character they could do so much with. I figured they could come up with some story where he traveled back in time, accidentley ends up in Blaze’s world, the events of Rush and Rush Adventure occur, and then he goes back to his own time period and dimension to figure out how to destroy Eggman after finding out he’s incompetent in SR and SRA. Then the events of Rivals and Rivals 2 occur. If Sega would even take the time to explain Nega’s back story in a game, that is. I’m done rambling now, thanks for reading 😛 lol
    Anyway, looking forward to maybe hearing some news, thanks for doing this blog 🙂 REALLY wish I was there

  2. “Winners were the Tails kid in third place, Japanese speaking Eggman in second, and a superb Metal Sonic cosplayer in first!”

    To be honest, I actually kinda wish I was there to see what all 3 cosplay winners looked like. I don’t think I ever seen a Metal Sonic cosplay, XD.

  3. Did I see…. Sonic Adventure 2….offically announced for PSN/XBLA?

    YEEEESSSS!!! 😀

  4. This is all wonderful news! 😀 Ummm… but the Ralph news, while odd, is very interesting… it seems SEGA and Pixar did a trade. XD But glad to know we finally got clearance on Blaze and Eggman NEGA. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah… and the reveal of Sonic Adventure 2 on PSN and XBLA…. amazing… now I can get my friends to experience my favorite Sonic game ever! 😀

  6. SA2 is confirmed? Yes!!!! I’ve never played it and have been hoping to play it soon, now my wish has come true!!!!

  7. @#$%!! Looks like we won’t have the Wreck it Ralph footage after all. I know for a fact that I recorded the stuff, but it’s not showing up on the memory card!! I do have some pics from the event I’ll post in just a bit.

  8. I was there.
    Good crap!
    The questions they asked Iizuka were insane…
    Im surprised he even came up with answers for half of them without just saying pass….

  9. Just got back from Sonic Boom, and it was a blast! The people were friendly, the music was great and what an atmosphere! Plus, I got Jun Sunoe’s autograph~

    And apparantly all three Marine the Raccoon fans have a lot to mourn over today, since there are no plans to bring her back.

    1. YES!! I mean, “nooooo”. No wait, I mean, Yes!

      Another sonic character bites the dust.

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