Sonic Boom in Video: Wreck-It Ralph

Sonic Boom in Video: Wreck-It Ralph


Here’s that video we promised you! It includes both footage from the movie as well as Ralph in action in Sonic & All-Stars.

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  1. I wish I could’ve heard it more clearly without the crow screaming their ass of every 10 seconds.

    1. If I didn’t know what Sonic said before seeing this, I’d think Sonic said “If you eat your cake… game over.” because of all the noise.

  2. So , there’s that question answered – Sonic is voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Superb!!

  3. Just knowing that so many of my favorite videogame characters, ESPECIALLY Sonic and Robotnik, has made this movie an all-time favorite for me… And it’s not even out yet. Haha

    I do hope they show just a tad bit more of sonic though. Maybe something towards the end that foreshadows ralph being in S&ASRT? Lol

    1. I can imagine it now after the credits have rolled sonic and Ralph pop up and sonic says something like so Ralph fancy a race. Then Ralph says you’re on Sonic and then roll the allstars footage

    2. I would love to see at the end Sonic offering Ralph the appearance in the game. Then at the end it would show Ralph actually racing on a track. It would also be amazing if Ralph got his own movie-based track in the game!

  4. im not sure but i think

    sonic says :
    if you eat you dady (this is what i herd) blablabla (cuse its imposible to hear with the going crazy crowd) If you die outside of your own game you won’t regenerate be carefull or game over

  5. Must…resist…temptation to watch…Seriously, I don’t want to spoil it for myself for when I watch Wreck-It Ralph at the cinema. XD

    On a side note, I’m VERY happy that Roger Craig Smith is still voicing Sonic in the movie – and that Sonic’s talking at all. Just hoping that Eggman will have some lines now, and that Mike Pollock will voice him. 😀

    1. Same problem here.

      At least I know my theory was right because of advertisement and such, that he would actually appear and not just his voice XD

      Who knows? With Ralph being in SASR, it might mean more cameos for him considering the trade off.

  6. hi i was thinking mybe wreck it ralth is a chance for some of us to meet a nother sonic fan think if you well go to see wrack it ralth in a premier than mybe thare well be a nother sonic fan that well come to see this movie for sonic to and than you can might meet each other

    but thats just a stupid idea

    1. That actually sounds like a fun idea to meet other Sonic fans in your area. XD Man, I am so excited to see Sonic and Eggman on the big screen and I’m now even more pumped up to see Ralph in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, man this holiday season is going to be epic! 😀

  7. LOVE THE PACMAN ARENA REFRENCE. AND SEEINNG SONIC IN A DISNEY MOVIE SERIOUSLY MADE ME GET A TEAR IN MY EYE. A HAPPY TEAR. when it comes to ralph being playable in all star transformed, i dont really care for it but its still nice. To bad Mario and Luige isnt in this movie would of been cool to see. Knowing that sonic is in the movie, i cant help but wonder wich other video game characters will be there. Maybe Link, star foox, Samus, Rayman, Cratos, Scorpion(not likely, but a guy can dream), Dr villy, Mega man, and the list goes on.

    We have to wait and see when the movie comes.

  8. Quoting from a website, basically, Sonic explains to us that if a video game character is killed out of his or her game you won’t regenerate… so, Inception/Nightmare on Elm Street rules. If you die in another game, you die for real.

  9. Glad that Ralph is in the game! Also heard “Thats Enough” and “Everybody jump around” from Jet Set Radio playing in the trailer! That crowd is really annoying though…

  10. You’ve got to give Disney props for such a creative concept,I love seeing the Blue blur on the big screen he desveres it.

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