Panini Releases New Sonic Magazine In Germany


German fans are in for a treat, Panini have announced that their newest publication a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is now out. Priced at just under 3 Euro’s the magazine contains, well… we’re not entirely sure. According to Sega’s documents which were released during the Vegas Licensing Expo, this is likely to be the Archie comics magazine which was mentioned there. The press release also mentions activity pages, competitions as well as other monthly surprises.

The first issue offers readers the chance to win a voucher for 100 Euros to spend at as well as a free gift, a Sonic gyro toy. The magazine is a bi-monthly publication, which means a new issue will come out once every two months. If anyone has a copy of this, let us know in the comments what you think of it.

Source: Panini Newsroom.

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    1. Forgot the post..

      “I got the comic magazine now. It has the first two Shadow Saga parts. Off-Panel isn’t in it. Translation is good; One of the translators is the guy who translated Wind Waker. Paper quality is good, too. In the back they have some puzzles. One where a picture is mixed up and you have to put the numbers in the right order. The other is just cut up pictures of Sonic characters and you have to guess who they are. The extra was just Sonic & Shadow Beyblades.. I liked that on the page for it, it say it’s them using Spindash.. I dunno why, I was just surprised they actually knew what the Spindash is.. Next issue comes on the 19th of September. Extra will be this toy gun that shoots out balls. It’s pretty nice, but I wish they’d have released them as normal comic issues. I really hope they release the whole normal series in TBPs. In one of footnote boxes, where it explains when Shadow and Metal were fighting through the Zones, it just says “Unbelievable how long they’ve been fighting!”.

      Funniest thing, though, is that this is for little kids, right? Yet on the back they have an ad for the new DC comics and one of them is a Batman cover with Joker with a bunch of bloody baby doll heads “

  1. I’ve got the Comic. It contains the Sonic Universe Comics #1 (Living Weapons) and Sonic Universe #2 (Time & Again), published by Arschie Comics in the US.
    Its funny what they did to the small yellow box on Page 2 of Living Weapons. The original contains something like “See STH #196 and SX #40 for the full Story” while the translation contains “Unglaublich, wie viel Zeit die beiden mit ihrem Kampf verbringen”, what literally means “Unbelievable, how much time they spend for fighting!”.

    Well… STH #196 and SX #40 aren’t available in Germany and they had to write something in there… Beside of that, I didn’t notice anything unusual. Pretty good translation at all.
    I’m going to buy the next one, as soon as it’s available ­čśë

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