NiGHTS to be in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

This has been a surprisingly awesome sweet sixteen birthday week for NiGHTS into Dreams and its fans. Mere days after a digital HD release of the classic Saturn title was revealed, we now have confirmation right out of Summer of Sonic that NiGHTS will be appearing in the upcoming SEGA crossover racer Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

NiGHTS and his rival Reala will both feature as vehicles in the game. In the original games, NiGHTS could transform into different vehicles and creatures to better suit certain environments. All-Stars cleverly references this mechanic by allowing NiGHTS and Reala to change into all new vehicle forms. NiGHTS is driven by the childlike Nightopian creatures, while Reala will be driven by the Goodle riding nightmaren from Journey of Dreams. The character designs are based off of Journey of Dreams.

Despite the character designs being based off of Journey of Dreams, the stage is derived from three areas from the first game: Spring Valley, Gillwing’s Lair and Wizeman’s boss arena. Going by the footage, these areas are going to look gorgeous and I can’t wait to play them. If the level is present in the Comic Con demo, we’ll be sure to get you some details and footage of it next week. Until then, you can catch the footage shown at Summer of Sonic here. The Sumo Digital Q&A starts at 27:30 while the footage can be found at 1:17:40. Keep in mind the footage is work in progress.

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  1. YES! This is exactly what I wanted! This is awesome! They’re adding NiGHTS and Reala… in vehicle form, just as I wanted! Yes! It just makes me tingle all over!

  2. Does this include the Nintendo versions? Just thought it’d be worth asking.

  3. Good ol’ Nights! One of my favorite SEGA characters, purely due to the fact that Nights has NO gender despite what they look like/sound like!

    Fantastic looking game, absolutely amazing visuals! Definitely getting it, great news about Nights!

  4. NiGHTS and HIS rival Reala

    so im in the Team Fortress 2 side of the internet? NiGHTS has no gender

  5. I think the all-star move will be Reala/Nights appearing on their normal form for some time, and doing something else, GENIUS!

    1. They’ll do the exact same thing as Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, when NiGHTS gets her special move from a box…

      It’s so simple

  6. Nights is called a HE and a GOOD BOY in Journey of Dreams…Nights is clearly based of Peter Pan, so yes if anything Nights is a boy and Reala is his evil twin.

    1. Technically its gender changes on whether you are playing as the boy or girl as it represents them, or something like that. Let’s just not get into it.

    2. Yeah lets not start another one of those we already had enough when Meet the pyro was released OFMG PYRO IZ A GIRLZ !!!!111ONE NOW PYRO IZ A BOYZ RAWR

  7. I remember when everyone on the stream at first was like “What’s this now?”, and then NiGHTS’ theme became recognizable and everyone was like “OH MY GOD!” XD

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