Wreck-It Ralph Debut Trailer

The first trailer to the upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph has premiered today! Starring John C. Reilly in the titular role, Ralph is the antagonist of the (fictional) 8-bit arcade game Fix-it Felix! who grows tired of playing the bad guy.

Essentially a video game-based Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the film cameos a wide array of gaming stars, such as Zangief and M. Bison from Street Fighter, the ghosts from Pacman, Bowser from the Super Mario franchise, and our very own Doctor Eggman, all of whom you will see in the trailer below.


The movie is set for theatrical release on November 2nd.

Special thanks to Sam Simpson for the tip and BlazingTales on the SSMB for the YouTube link!

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  1. Awesome- It actually looks pretty good.Too bad we’ve got to wait another 5 months for this.

  2. Regardless of Eggman saying more than what has been shown or not, this film is gonna be awesome. That trailer alone says it all.

  3. I hope Eggman has a big part in this movie 🙂
    And that maybe he mentions a certain blue hedgehog ^3^

  4. Hi I’m doctor Steve Brule, and here’s another one of my “Brule’s Rules”.

    Did anyone else know that Zangief wasa badguy? Me neither. For your health.

  5. Oh my… Am I dreaming? because this is glorious!! M. Bison? Bowser? and of course freakin Dr. Eggman!!!
    This is a must see for me, and many of my friends and family would love to see this with me!

    1. It is; Warner Brothers just lent them Bugs Bunny and company’s appearances for it.

      I’d say the movies is more like Toy Story + Roger Rabbit/ video games. In any event, looking forward to this movie, and giving Disney props for shucking out for actual game characters instead of making up parody/knock-offs.

      1. The games he skips through aren’t real ones though ( I think) plus one is called Hero of Duty which sounds like a knock-off of Call Of Duty.

  6. Hey, not to be irrevelant or anything, but apparently Disney XD is going to start airing episodes of Sonic Underground starting monday at 10 am. A commercial just aired but I was unable to get any footage, sorry. The better question is why Underground? Bring back AoSTH if you’re bringing back classic Sonic cartoons. Well, we will be able to hear Jaleel White work his classic magic once more.

    1. I’ve got all 3 series on dvd (except for Season 3 of AoStH). I’m looking forward to both this (Wreck-it-Ralph) and the Sonic Fan Film.

    1. Mike Pollock has said he hasn’t recorded anything for this film, and apparently Eggman has no lines outside of the group speaking together. So don’t expect Mike Pollock I’m afraid.

  7. Oh cool, less than a day and there’s already comment wars over Dr. Eggman and Bowser vs King Koopa and Robotnik naming.

  8. Looks like Eggman beat Sonic to the big screen… C’MON guys, let’s get this hedgehog a big screen movie too!!! So awesome! I’m going to enjoy this. Hope Eggman actually has lines and parts and scenes. It’d be nice.

  9. Whoah. I didn’t realize those famous characters were going to be featured so prominently. This has elevated the movie from “must-see” to “can’t miss or will most likely perish.”

  10. This movie is a I hate to say this…but a total jizz stain in my pants after seeing this…ITS MINDBOGGLINGLY EPIC!!!

  11. WOW! Just… WOW! They made all of those villains look STUNNING in HD! Especially the good ol’ Doctor Eggman and Pac-Man Ghost! This is the first Disney movie I’ve actually been HYPED for. It looks wonderful and I do really hope that Eggman and Wily get some funny dialogue. XD Maybe some Mike Pollock action.. I mean, hey, he could try out Dr. Wily right?

  12. For me, any more where Q*bert has a speaking role is a movie I need to see.

  13. Is that Kano of mortal kombat next to the zombie? and I swear the purple rhino is the last boss from altered beast!

    1. I’m not sure if that’s Kano, but I saw Smoke/Noob Saibot next to Bowser.

      1. Yes that is Kano from MK, but I feel that honor should’ve went to either Shang Sung or Shao Khan. I feel that Kano was more of a henchman/henchmen rather than a badguy.

  14. I seriously doubt any of the existing characters will be anything other than the occasional cameo. The film isn’t about them.

    1. Which doesn’t make gamers any less nerdy and eager to see it XD
      We’ll see if this movie can fill our expectations.

  15. Ugh, that Good Feelin’ song… 😐 *ahem* No doubt, I wanna see this.

    “Why are your hands so freakishly big?” Tell that to Heavy Weapons Guy. 😛

  16. I’m surprised that they have Q-Bert playing a minor role in this film…I mean seriously Q-Bert. 😀

    I got to say I’m surprised that Disney was able to pull this off…and this time for the video game fans. 😀

    Here’s hoping there’s some other cameos via Uncharted or Max Payne getting a cameo in the film. 😀

  17. AWESOME! Dr. Eggman on the Big Screen!
    I hope we see Sonic & Tails, too! 🙂

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