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TitansCreed has gone forth and released a brand new Community Spotlight interview, and this time the focus is on news site TSSZ News and its webmaster, Tristan (Oliver) Bresnen.

It’s noteworthy for the guest alone – in the last few years, TSSZ has had plenty of scuffles with other fansites (including The Sonic Stadium at one point). And Tristan shows the same character and personality that has allowed him to get some good news stories, while butting heads with fellow webmasters (and even SEGA officials and community managers) at the same time.

It’s worth a listen for that, but also because of the site’s gentler past. While TSSZ was relaunched back in 2008, the site has been alive since 1997, with a prominent radio service augmenting his news stories and even a planned TV service.

Check out TSSZ News here.

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  1. There will be a follow-up to this spotlight in 2014, according to a reliable source close to TSSZ.

    Sources say it will be twice as long, and involve more players from the community.

    Stay tuned.

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