Sonic on Mobile Hits 11 Million, SEGA’s Pledge to the Future

Through the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, SEGA is pretty proud of their blue mascot’s success on the mobile marketplace. With Sonic covering more ground on mobile, the company predicts that Sonic will grow dramatically in the coming years with a multitude of new, diverse games and apps to be released.

How big an achievement? Well, the company is proud to say that Sonic has hit over 11 million titles sold off the various mobile marketplaces, predominantly Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. Emphasis has been placed on Sonic 4: Episode ISonic the HedgehogSonic Spinball, and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. SEGA has also noted that Sonic 4: Episode II has also become “Game of the Week” on the iPhone upon its release, the episodic title becoming a bestseller on its opening week.

The company is also proud of their commitment through the digital marketplace as a whole, re-engaging Sonic fans of old with rereleases of various classics. Sonic Adventurethe remastered Sonic CD, and the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 on XBLA and PSN are all part of SEGA’s pledge to reintroduce long time favourites to the newer fans, and to give those who’ve played the games in their youth another chance to do just that.

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  1. Too bad Sonic 4 Ep 2 deserves none of this attention, still a lackluster game.

    Looking forward to SA2 (and Battle DLC?).

          1. Haha, really? I actually agree with him. So I guess that means, by your logic, anyone who doesn’t view Sonic 4 as a fun game has sour taste, right?

            And just to let you know, I enjoyed Generations and Colors very much.

    1. If they’re looking to re-release more Sonic games for the future, I wanna see Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles get a PSN release. Hopefully with the feature of being able to lock-on to make Sonic 3 & Knuckles and other lock-on titles if you have the other Sonic games downloaded.

  2. Great news. Hopefully many future HD widescreen re-releases. Looking forward to SA2.

  3. Thats great news. It’d be nice to hear episode 2 sales numbers for all platforms, see if it did well enough to warrant an episode 3.

      1. I hope that’s sarcasm.

        If not, your just plain mean.

        @Kori-maru – I lol’d at your post. 😛

  4. Episode 2 did great huh? That can only mean episode 3!!!!!
    Being on the knuckles!!!

  5. Honestly, I think the reason for All Stars Racing iOS being one of SEGASonic’s top sellers was because it recently turned free. :/ Hope I’m wrong though.

  6. Congratulations to Sega. They deserve every bit of success because they work their asses off to please their fans and show us they really care!

    1. unlike capcom,who hate us and never listens to us.
      1.people like white haired dante not black.
      2.they cancel 2 MM games then blame us for canceling 1 of them have to pay for paches to unlock characters in TK x SF. have to pay to see an real ending

      thats why I love SEGA.
      capcom does what no one (SEGA) does.

  7. I would love to buy Sonic games for my smartphone but app market says it’s not compatible with my mobile while I saw on YT people play STH4ep1 on that phone. Strange and I’m dissapointed :c

  8. COME ON ANDROID UK!!! I’m still waiting for S4 episdoe 2 (ok I completed it on my ps3, but still!!!)

    Also, why was Sonic Heroes NOT listed in Sega’s sale weekend!?!

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