Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed E3 Trailer & New Characters Revealed!

It’s nearly E3 Blue Believers. So we can expect some new All Stars Racing news soon… what? Today!? Oh my. Earlier today IGN decided to post the new E3 Trailer to Sega/Sumo’s Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. The trailer confirms a bunch of new characters as well as stages.

We’ll let the trailer do most of the talking for us, since it’s quite the awesome trailer. But hit that read more link to see a bunch of other stuff that’s been revealed.

Confirming Shadow (No bike, now he’s armed with a tank!), Joe Musashi (Shinobi), Guilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe (the Green dude with the fluffy white beard) as well as several new stages that we’ll reserve for you to discover.

Steve Lycett, better known as S0L to many people went on SSMB shortly after the reveal to answer a number of questions and offer some additional information including…

The character select Skeleton was the very first thing we decided on when working out what went in the level – well after we decided to race on lava in a volcano. Expect some other liquid type surprises as we go!

Vita is looking good right now, it’s actually pretty powerful. I think folk will be happy when they see it!

Jet Set Radio track […] we’re calling Graffiti City.

Whilst this was the E3 coverage (according to S0L), considering there’s only two screen shots there, who knows, maybe there’s more to come? Stay tuned to TSS to find out!

Source: IGN & SSMB

Oh yes one more thing.

Gilius proves he's still the best at the YMCA routine.


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  1. Are you friggin´ kiddin´ me!?
    I posted this JUST NOW in the forums and wondered why no one had put it on the front site yet and then… THIS!?

    SCREW YOU!!! xP

  2. Incredible! Although I’m not feeling as hyped as I should be atm, hopefully with time over the coarse of E3 as more game footage and perhaps an entire lap is shown in full motion as all the elements come together.
    Maybe a franchise representational trailer featuring the music of say ‘Golden Axe’ showing off the tracks with some in game music opposed to the Wubwubwubwbbbbb of NERO-Promises (which is not bad), If the music is fit for a racing game then why cant it be used in the trailer?

    1. they did not use any music from sonic generations for any trailer and the music was great!
      im pretty sure the music will be good in this game

      1. Actually, there were Sonic Generations trailers for each era which used Sky Sancuary music for Classic, Speed Highway music for Dreamcast and Crisis City music for Modern.

  3. omg! look at shadow and his G.U.N tank! Beast Mode!
    and that golden axe guy who is in sonic for hire, lol

  4. This is awesome news, the new tracks look epic, especially the Golden Axe one,
    and I’ve never played any of the Shinobi games but I love ninjas so Joe Musashi is also a plus in my book.
    Can’t frigin wait for this game!!!

    Also, dat Vyse CG.

    1. I like it. Miss the bike, but this tank is about speed too. I’d really hate to be in a no lane change area with him behind me, though ._.

    2. I don’t hate it but I can see why you would so I won’t give you flack for it.

      It’s probably not slow but it looks like it is. They probably did it for the whole Transformation thing. But I kinda feel like something more “black”, sharp and sleek would fit him. But that seems to fit the SA2 Shadow more I guess and times have changed. He’s a more gruff and tough dark Knuckles kinda guy now. lol (Besides, the car that I said would fit him probably would end up resembling the Batmobile in some form or sumtin. lol)

      1. Yeah. His bike wouldn’t have been able to transform. Personally, I imagine him having it back in a garage because I’m silly like that.

        I do agree, though. More sleek would fit. Frankly though, this still works for him. He could make riding a tricycle look cool. …Okay, maybe that’s pushing it XD (Yes, I’m hyper, sorry guys ^^)

        …Also, I must add – TO THE HOGMOBILE!

  5. WOW! I REALLY didn’t expect SHINOBI!!!! And the Golden Axe select screen as part of a track design?!? T-This is…wow, you guys….!!

  6. Shadow’s vehicle seems like it will be heavy and not turn so well or fly as good, but it depends on how the game will work.

    1. Who needs to turn when you can bash your way through things?

      …That’s what I do, I mean. Not in real life, thankfully.

  7. >Graffiti City
    >Shadow in a G.U.N. Tank
    >Derpy Guilius
    “Chip, I…you were….wow!” -Sonic
    Now about NiGHTs…

    1. I’m pretty sure they already mentioned the situation with NiGHTS as well as another character but I forgot who.

  8. Not very hyped about the new character line up so far, but at least the gameplay is still looking promising….

  9. Niiiiiice.

    However, question – where is Shadow’s logo on his tank? Nitpicking, I know, but his bike had it ^^’ All I know is that Sega is pretty much confirming Shadow is in GUN, without, well, confirming it. Oh Sega you tricky company.

    I’m actually looking forward to trying this game out. Seems fun :3

    1. Oh, I thought they confirmed it when Shadow was working for GUN in Sonic ’06? (Not that I blame you if you’ve never played that one.)

        1. Sonic and Tails were friends in that game and became friends again in the main timeline after 06 was erased. I’m pretty sure that when they erased those 10 years and rewrote it that everything else happened roughly the same way except the events directly linked to Elise (the events of 06 itself) which is probably still a few years after the “present” since in 06 a GUN againt told me he was given a new recruit a test that Shadow took when he first joined GUN “All those years ago”. lol

          1. I never said I didn’t believe he was in GUN XD I firmly do believe he is. Nothing says “Putting the past behind” then joining the agency that was responsible for ruining your life.

            I was just wondering where Shadow’s logo – AKA the Black Arms symbol – is. It just doesn’t feel proper without it.

  10. I kinda want some Phantasy Star II or IV characters this time around. Maybe Chaz, Rolf, Rika/Fal, Alys or Nei or someone.

  11. OK guys… giving you confirmed characters NOW!
    Characters we have seen:
    BD Joe
    Gillius Thunderhead
    Joe Musashi
    Dragon Canyon (Panzer Dragon)
    Temple Trouble (Super Monkey Ball)
    Unknown name of a Death Egg course (Sonic)
    Graffiti City (Jet Set Radio)
    Adder’s Lair (Golden Axe)
    Ok guys I am not part of Sonic Team and I did not look in any files! Half of this was found at the Sonic News Network! Amigo is confirmed in writing and not in the trailers. Please make sure you get back to me if you admire this amount of knowledge I have found.


        1. Giant Froggy.

          He’ll sprout wings to fly, hop on the ground normally, and swim in the water.

          …Enjoy the hilarious imagery <3

  12. Looks pretty cool, but I hope the actual game isn’t drenched in dubstep. How about some Crush 40/Bentley Jones/woman who sung Sonic R music whose name I can’t remember?

    Not much on racing games, but I do like how this series has lots of shout-outs to classic Sega games. Now how about some Vectorman?

    1. The Sonic R vocalist you’re referring to is TJ Davis. Seeing as Can You Feel the Sunshine and Super Sonic Racing was in the original, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more tunes in the sequel. Maybe some of her work from MSR as well?

      The original was virtually Crush 40-less… here’s hoping this is different.

  13. OMG Shadow has a tank?! awsome! but I wonder can it shoot out….bullets? If so that will be cool I’m getting this game for my Xbox 360/live! I hope I can race my family aswell! hehe Sega can do anything great!

  14. Crossing my fingers for Bayonetta, Sam Gideon and Vectorman to make it in. Bayonetta’s hair and Sam’s BLADE system would make for perfect vehicles. Vectorman doesn’t even need a vehicle since he can transform into various vehicle things.

  15. The tank’s cool, but they should have let Shadow keep his bike. It would have made him feel more unique.

    1. There’s a high chance no bikes will be in this game, per se. His bike wouldn’t have been able to transform, really, and the others have that problem too.

      …Although yes, I miss that bike. It was a nice design.

  16. i love sonic and shadow a silver becuase they are all hedgehogs including amy and man guess what im going to buy the game i hope my dad allows me to buy the game

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