Slam-Up Jamday 3 & Knuckles

Because there’s no such thing as Adventure 3.

Good afternoon, do-gooders! Today is Monday, and you all know what that means! It’s time for some more mash-ups! And not just any kind of mash-ups, no! Hope you’ve had some on your toast this morning, because if you haven’t, get ready to be blasted with a hefty dose of slam jam!

For today’s Slam-Up Jamday, Slamnic and Miles “Jam” Prower explore the depths of Angel Jamland’s Slam-o-City Zone before tackling the Balloon Slam, found after the jump. Get your Jamnesis ready!

…kinda disappointed that there’s no Ice Jam Zone out there.

Here’s another one for you.

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  1. Wow, these are great, the sonic music in the background make Jam’s music sound a lot… happier!

  2. I love Slam Jam and much as the next guy, but unless I’m missing the point of these features, I’d say its becoming just a tad monotonous now…

    These (friday/saturday/monday) music articles are what have brought me back to Stadium in the past couple of months and I earnestly look forward to each one, so it’s a tad disappointing to just wind up with more of the same. Mashups are awesome, and there are more than plenty of exceptionally rad ones to have to keep coming back to this meme.

    Oh well. Keepin’ my fingers crossed for next week.

    1. The main issue is Space Jam goes with everything. Hey, VizardJeffhog, do some Sonic 3-Michael Jackson mash-ups.

  3. Dear god

    I never really liked them to begin with, but these are especially bad. Balloon Slam is ok. But Slam-o-City Zone sounds, mocking? Almost as if he is taunting us.

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