Sega’s 2012 Merchandise Plans Will Make Your Wallet Cry!

Strap yourself in merch hunters, it’s gonna be an expensive 2012! Sega have announced large number of product and license deals set to hit Europe and other territories later this year. Whilst some are already know, others were until now unannounced.

Manufacturer ‘Little Buddy’ is making a selection of Sonic gumball machines. So if your teeth are not yet rotten, now is your chance to change that!

Secondly, Funko are making a selection of new Sonic Vinyl figures which will be produced in their ‘pops style.’ Only concept images of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles where shown, no release date or prices yet.

However it doesn’t end there… in a separate article, Sega detailed several other merchandise deals and licenses which are due for release later this year.

  • Meccano is to release a series of Sonic related toys later this year (2012)
  • In the Autumn, retailed H&M will release several Classic and Modern Sonic branded apparel and accessories to a WORLDWIDE market.
  • Sonic will partner with Nike for their new ‘My time is now’ campaign (which is live right now.)
  • Panini is releasing a new bi-monthly magazine for people living in Germany based on the original Archie Comics. The deal was brokered by Fremantle Media.
  • Delcourt in France is releasing Archie comics in an ‘album format’ in French, due for release June 2012.
  • Pix’N Love will release their History of Sonic the Hedgehog book in French & English, expected price is $44.99 (USD)
  • Macmillan will be publishing a ‘wheres Wally/Waldo book’ only set in a Sonic theme. The book will include 11 different environments such as the Green Hill Zone & Chemical Plant Zone. Expected release date is October 11th 2012 (Europe and English Commonwealth)
  • Carrefour & Cool Think Licensing have created football inspired sonic apparel. It launch in the Spanish store chain Carrefour back in May.
  • Jazwares Sonic toys will go on sale in Symths this summer. A Sonic FSDU (Free Stand Display Unit?) will be in all stores to maximise sales. Products include figures and plushies.
  • Malu Holland have a license to produce children’s apparel and accessories in stores across mainland Europe including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, caps and belts. The range is to be release in June this year.

So much merch… so little money. My poor wallet is not ready, is yours?

Source: Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2012.

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  1. Like SatAM Robotniksaid…..Makes me tingle…………. 🙂

    Sonic Gumball Machine for the freaking win.

  2. Oof, this all sounds awesome. I’m particularly interested in what H&M will be selling.

    1. OMG, I know right?! They JUST opened up a new H&M in South Florida & now I have evene MORE reason to go shop there ^-^

      $50 for the History of Sonic book? *starts counting pennies* Must. HAVE!

  3. Strange that a sonic themed “wheres waldo” book was what got me most excited.
    My wallets not ready indeed.

  4. When the PixN’Love Sonic History book comes (English version), would I have to order it online or can i find it in stores?

    If online, is there a link anyone can provide me with (if there is a link…?)?

  5. Funny, I’ve seen the Jazwares Soni toys (albeit very sporadically on and off) in my local Smyths for the last two years.

    Originally they had Black Knight Sonic, the got a small selection of the 3″ figures.

  6. Anybody else reminded of the Sonic Sackboys in LittleBigPlanet by those figures? Just me? Eh… I dunno, but that Knuckles figure looks fucking sadistic.

  7. $44.99’s a little higher than I expected for the History of Sonic book, but not terrible, I guess.

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