SEGA Reveals Their E3 Lineup

SEGA has revealed their list of games they will be showcasing at E3 this year (not including any possible surprises). Among them is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, so expect to see more media and information revealed when the show opens on Tuesday.

* Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
* Aliens: Colonial Marines
* Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz
* The Cave
* Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
* Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
* Jet Set Radio

A currently unannounced digital download port of Sonic Adventure 2 is also expected to make an appearance.

Source: SEGA Blog (via SEGA Bits)

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  1. If only SEGA was a bigger company. No offense, but this doesn’t really seem like a good number of games. Exclude JSR, because that’s not a new game, and SEGA only really has 6 games.

    Why couldn’t SEGA have been a big company like Nintendo, developing multiple and multiple games to show off at E3. What went wrong SEGA…? I hope the best for this company and that more talented developers join SEGA. In order to make good money, you got to spend good money.

    1. Unfortunately, SEGA’s not doing too well financially. They recently restructured and are now focusing on their proven IPs and digital download games.

      1. Yeah I know, I just want to go back in time and see how SEGA ran their business and how they went wrong….

        You’re right, they are sticking to their reliable IPs, and that’s a good thing, I just hope to see SEGA one day when they were dominating (or at least popular) in video games.

        If SEGA wants Sonic to sell better, they need to:

        1. Advertise!!!!(HUGE)
        2. Make gameplay more fun and challenging(Sonic Generations for the first, not second).
        3. Make the games longer (I don’t care if it takes 2-5 years for a new Sonic game (look at MARIO) to come out, I just want longer games).
        4. Have SonicTeam work on the Sonic the Hedgehog series, not DIMPS (yes, they are improving, but they are still a long ways off).

        That’s all I can think of right now. For me, my biggest complaint is that Sonic games come out every year, which goes for half-assed games, or just plain bad games. Most of these numbers will probably not happen, due to money limitations as of now. Still, that doesn’t mean SEGA should be hiring bad musicians, developers, etc. for the future.

        1. I thought SEGA did pretty well with the Sonic Generations advertising. Everyone I spoke to at least knew about it. I went to a conference with some trainee gaming journalists and we had a long conversation about Generations, that’s never happened before πŸ™‚

        2. If anything i think sega should get of sonic team in the first place because they showed that they don’t know what the **** they’re doing over the years and hire good developers that know how to take care of one of the BIGGEST ****ING GAMING ICONS. Seriously, they have no idea what there doing aside from nostolgia which won’t last for long and is only a short term bussniess thing.

          1. Can’t say i know just how much creative power ST actually has over Sonic. I remember there was that whole fiasco with the deleted blog posts about what a sweatshop ST has become. They probably know what they want to do but don’t have nearly the time or the resources to do it. The higher-ups at SEGA aren’t exactly hands off, either. They’re the ones to blame for the terrible NiGHTS game. They had an awesome project going for the 360/PS3, but the higher ups wanted a Wii game because of it’s huge install base. This was extremely late in development so they wasted a ton of time and resources porting enough of it over to be passable as a game. I wonder if they had hired the VAs at that point, because the lack of resources might’ve been what forced them to hire such terrible actors.

            It’s really the higher-ups at SEGA that are to blame for it’s downturn IMO. SEGA’s demise goes back to the rapid succession of the SEGA CD, SEGA 32X, Saturn, and the Dreamcast. They all had their problems, but instead of working out the kinks, SEGA would just roll the next one on instead screwing pver anyone who bought the former. If you bought a SEGA CD and only got crappy FMV games, bought a 32X and only got Virtua Racing, and then bought a Saturn and had to wait two years for decent games to show up, are you going to trust the Dreamcast? The Dreamcast was excellent, but SEGA had no reputation and it’s loyal fanbase wasn’t anything what it was back in the days of the Genesis/Megadrive.

            The switch to go 3rd party was also a mistake. If they had braved bad weather, the Dreamcast could’ve prevailed, but instead they decided to reorganize (or rather implode) internally.

            What SEGA needs to do is reevaluate the success of the Genesis and do that again. What does that mean? Well, first off, solid arcade games. This means real 2D Sonics and a lot of back catalog revivals. The real big thing about the Genny, though, was that it filled a niche that the SNES didn’t. The SNES didn’t have sports games unlike the NES. Boom. SEGA Sports. That’s what made Sonic possible. I’m NOT saying “moar sports gaems pl0x”, but rather filling in niches that haven’t been occupied for a while. Platformers lost their popularity because quality declined, not because shooters took over. Or even better, create NEW niches. The guys who did that last time fared quite well. Nintendo could have five virtual boy disasters and still eat off of the crazy money they made over the Wii. SEGA an Nintendo got rich by expanding the definition of videogame. Sony and Microsoft have ridden their wave and sustained sales, but Nintendo and SEGA have shown the power to literally push the boundaries of gaming to encompass more and more companies.

            So, SEGA, what are you waiting for? You can sit here and slowly die, or you can embrace your roots and usher a second Golden Age of Gaming, the thing Nintendo almost did had they decided to not abandon first the Wii philosophy and then the Wii itself. SEGA does what Nintendon’t? Prove it. PLEASE.

      2. Hey Shadzter, you gonna get yourself going there or any other members for this ‘heads up’ on Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed? I’d appreciate it πŸ™‚

  2. “Hell Yeah!” Wow, this game even SOUNDS good. XD

    “The Cave”…I’m sensing a horror/adventure game. Call it a hunch.

  3. Man i hope a jet set radio port means that their gonna revive the franchise and make a full blown ass kicking sequal, dammit sega! Take my money!

  4. Omg i really can’t wait till E3 and sonic and allstars racing transformed along with playstation allstars battle royale. The wii u and their might be a big shock to the world if they revealed a trailer for the new smash bros.Dont worry im a big fan of nintendo and sony and of course you too Sega. Man i wish i would go and show off rofl

  5. Honestly, for me, whether the games will be received well or not, SEGA should just revive almost every single one of their old franchises. Think of all the nostalgia and happy fans SEGA would get. Of course, this is just another one of my thoughtless imaginations. πŸ™‚

    1. I’d love to agree but then we’d get more games like NiGHTS on the wii.

  6. Why would Final Showdown need to be at E3…it’ll already be out by then…

    1. Not sure,
      I think it may be so that people who can’t get the game at least get a slight chance to get their hands on the slight bit of gaming on Final Showdown.

      I know, I speak jibberish

  7. Wow 0_0 This is horrible!!! Wheres this years Sonic title!!! Nobody cares about some stupid horror shooter the cave!!! WTF SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Don’t be too surprised if they announce a new Sonic game for Wii U during Nintendo’s conference, we’re due one and it would be a good opportunity to get sales for Sonic

  9. *sigh* To be honest,I was hoping for a new Sonic game to be announced. I guess not… πŸ™

    1. Give them time!Generations came out a year after COlors only because they worked on both of them at the same time and Colors only came out on one system. (DS doesn’t count!)

      1. It was actually pretty brilliant in retrospect. It’s the ultimate in monetizing development.

    2. Wii U exclusive Sonic title would be… an odd decision.
      They pretty much established continuity within Unleashed, Colors and Generations, not only story wise but also in art design and gameplay!
      So… they release Unleashed on X360/PS3 plus a butchered Wii version, then they make Colors a Wii exclusive and then they release Generations for every important system besides Wii! WTF?

  10. Too bad it doesn’t look like theres going to be a major Sonic game this year, the last Sonic games were announced 1-2 months ago and with Sega’s financial situation it doesn’t seem likely.

  11. IGN already revealed some info on S&SASR2, revealing 2 new tracks and 1 new character: Joe Musashi from Shinobi.

    As for the other games, with the exception of Banana Blitz and JSR, there are some interesting titles coming from SEGA. Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting plenty of media hype, and VF5FS has been a loooong time coming, so it deserves to be featured in E3 (Considering it’s not in EVO 2012). But the real attention should be going to The Cave and Hells Yeah, one is an action/puzzle game made by Double Fine so you know it will be good, and the other one is quirky indie Metroidvania with lots of ultra-violence and dark humor. It’s like Decap Attack for a new generation πŸ˜€

    1. VF5:FS is getting a Sega-sponsored side tournament at Evo, though. Sega’s even offering a substantial pot.

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