Sumo Talks S&SAR Transformed and Danica Patrick

Sumo Talks S&SAR Transformed and Danica Patrick

So, with the recent E3 announcement that US racer Danica Patrick will be featured in new game Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the not-Hornet – a Chevy Impala, actually – she’ll be driving in a November NASCAR event looks like up close.

No? Well too bad, our man – or at least one of them – at E3, Alex (aka nuckles89) is here to show you anyway, with a bonus wave from the nearby Sonic…


At least that’s what I think he’s meant to be doing.

Meanwhile, our other man Jason caught up with Sumo Digital’s Joe Neat at the event to talk about what’s changed recently and how Danica will fit into the game.


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  1. Cool interview, but I was kinda expecting some TSS exclusive footage of the game since we didn’t get much from other websites (I haven’t seen the Dragon Canyon track at all).

  2. Sonic and Coors Light, ha. xD
    Looking at it now, it would’ve been a neat idea to have Danica included for the US version of ASRT while the European version can have a suitable F1 driver. That way, everybody wins. (No pun intended.)

  3. 1:20 “Everyone knows who she [Danica Patrick] is, especially in America”
    STOP SAYING THAT! I’m in America, and I know the major NASCAR names, and I’ve never heard of her.

  4. I know her from those godaddy commercials, keep forgetting she’s involved with nascar.

  5. God that guy couldn’t be ANY more nervous. Sounds like he has been sucking energy drinks for hours on end.

    Guy say’s freakin’ 20 words a second in that interview. I hate interviews like that where the worker can’t keep his cool and talk relaxed and easy.

  6. They need to give her the standard ‘Sega Human Character’ personality.
    You know.
    The personality of a depressed, 17 year old emo child who loves Sonic and wants everything to do with him.

  7. Okay, now that you’ve seen actual footage of me, on a scale of 9-11 just how dead sexy am I?

  8. Nice job on finding out more info about the game, plus the car (that will be promoting during Dani’s NASCAR races). I dig the idea that SEGA is pushing so many boundaries with this game even more.

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