NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Playable in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

[UPDATE: You can check out the official press release here]

Well, I think it’s fair to say that no one saw this coming!

As reported yesterday, SEGA had a major announcement to make today at E3 alongside a celebrity apperance – and in a curveball to end all curveballs, it has been revealed that NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is going to be a playable character in the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Yep, you read that right. We’re about as dumbfounded as you are.

Appearing on GameTrailer’s E3 All Access Live coverage, Danica talked about her partnership with SEGA and the process behind turning her into one of the game’s characters, also revealing that she will be driving a SEGA branded car at a future event to help promote the game.

Danica has posted her excitement at being involved in the project via Twitter:

SO excited to be at #E3‬ for @sega and sonic the hedgehog! Come say hi at the #segae3‬booth! #sonicracingtransformed‬

Needless to say this is quite the unexpected announcement, and fans clamouring for the reveal of an actual SEGA character – I know Segata Sanshiro was top of many people’s wish list – may be a bit disappointed. But hey, you can’t deny that this news is certainly going to catch your eye… in more ways than one!

In other news, it has been all but confirmed that a Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is on its way, with a document listing it for a Holiday release on Nintendo’s new console having surfaced today also.

What do you make of this rather interesting news? Are you excited or are you baffled beyond belief? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. If that’s true I would love to hear her sing karaoke to ‘Sky High’. Just sayin’.

    2. And she didn’t even drive NASCAR back in 1996-ish when Daytona USA came out on the Saturn…

  1. Speaking as a fan of this game as apposed to a TSS view or anything like that…

    This decision if fucking stupid.

  2. Realistic characters? In MY Sonic racing game?
    In all seriousness, this is just strange. xD I really don’t know what to say cause I don’t watch NASCAR.

    1. She’s more of an IRL racer and kind of a NASCAR wannabe in my eye. I realize she prefers ovals in race car driving and the Indy Racing League has went more road cours-ey; likely to differentiate themselves to NASCAR as a nice alternative. If you ask me, Danica was better off in IRL still – her talent fits better there.

  3. Soooo, she’s gonna be in the game. As a character and the in-game announcer….
    This is gonna be one interesting game, for sure! Wonder how you can unlock her….lol

  4. I’m currently looking at Ms.Patrick’s career on Wikipedia. The summary chart lists an impressive career from 1998 to present. Actual wins? 1

    Best finish in a NASCAR series race – 4th.


    1. She exited IRL WAY too early honestly. She’s had so much pole positions and many top 10’s just haven’t really been able to finish — at all really.

      You do realise in America neither of the most popular driver are nearly the best in the sport. Danica is amongst the most popular drivers. The other is Dale Earnhardt Jr. who went YEARS without a win. Meanwhile Jimmie Johnson won the whole thing 5 straight years. Americana’s priorities is out of whack sometimes.

  5. I’m going to enjoy simply shooting her over and over with missles in the game.

    Frankly i’m not amused at this reveal, AT ALL. =/

  6. I hope Danica transforms into someone from Power Boats/Red Bull Air Races during the race. Otherwise come lap 2 she’s gonna be a bit crap.

  7. Well this is different! Quick question, will Toejam & Earl be in this game? I never got round to playing the first S&SASR.

  8. …… Didn’t she appear in South Park? that’s the only thing I know her from.
    Honestly I don’t know what to say, let’s say she’s the last person/character I expected to appear in the game, I mean… Segata Sanshiro would’ve been a better choice for a real life person to put in.
    But I’m not judging.

  9. Don’t care about real people. I doubt many kids who buy this game care either. I was honestly hoping the announcement would be Mario or another guest star that we care about.

    1. SEGA is no longer a strong partner for Nintendo like they were during the Gamecube and Wii days. SEGA of Japan simply was not going to let Sumo Digital and Sega of Europe allow a Nintendo brand character just to pander to Sonic fans who aren’t true Sega fans and people who think Nintendo should buy SEGA.

      1. Because SEGA of Japan are that bad against Nintendo. *cough* Not like there was Mario plushies in Joypolis.. Oh wait, there was. *cough*

      2. No…. You remember how they wanted to keep Mario just for M&SATOG?
        How this was said when ASR came out? You remember how it would make no sense for Mario to compete against his own game ? THAT is why no Mario in All-Stars Racing.

    1. In what way WOULDN’T that be the best thing ever?

      SEGA… make it so!

      (In water he could just ditch the vehicle and flip-flop about)

    2. Yes, along with Asha from Monster world 4, Ristar, Toejam and Earl, Blaze, espio and Nights who was cut from last time. Even Mario would be more of a good choice hes more well known then this Nascars person.

  10. I’m as dumbfounded as everyone out there about this but I actually think it’s awesome. Heh, at least if I don’t have Blaze Fielding from Streets of Rage in it, Danica will be close enough 😆

  11. I’m eh about this. It’s a bit stupid putting in someone that isn’t known internationally. I wonder if any one at SUMO Digital knew who she was.

  12. who? what an odd decision to make. people are more interested in sonic/sega characters, not people from nascar. are most people even going to know who they are.

  13. It’s no holds barred now…..Hank Hill needs to be next. Then everything will go nuts.

  14. ….huh. Well, I do hope it DOES mean that she’ll be driving a Daytona USA like car (like she’ll be driving the Hornet). This is…really strange. So she’ll be able to transform too I’m guessing? It’s going to be interesting to see her in action. Just…surprising, huh.

  15. Remember SOAP shoes and SA2?

    Yeah; advertising = funds = more budget to make a game = This.

    Not like it’ll make much difference to be quite honest.

  16. The question remains:

    Why do I want to play as a once-shrill for Sticks N’ Stuff?

  17. Lets be fair here, Although I question this persons participation. Its for the sake of sonic. The last time i saw sonic on a car driven around a circuit was in (i believe) 1993 with BMW. Frankly I dont mind. Sonic like FAST cars, they drive cars. A person who drives FAST cars is in a sonic game about driving FAST. Makes sense to me 🙂

  18. *Shrugs* just pick up the game, play online for a week to earn all the achievements, unlock everything and put it away (just like the first)

  19. My reaction to this is…”OK.”

    I mean, her appearance in the game doesn’t really excite me or make me want to purchase the game more (not that my purchase of the game was ever in question, I’ll be getting it Day 1), but it’s not like she harms the quality of the game in any way. Really it just makes me curious as to what she and her car will look like in this cartoony game, and how her car will handle.

  20. I’m sorry, who? I’ve never heard of… Her… Jenson Button or Mark Webber would have caught my eye but… Who?
    Is she a story or a bonus character? Have to see at E3 I guess.

    1. Now that’s an excellent choice there ‘SonicOverlord’. Sega should have focused on local drivers that each country is famous for. I’m from Australia so the ‘V8 Supercars’ spring to mind ie Craig Lowes or Mark ‘Frosty’ Winterbottom.

    2. If you haven’t really hard anything about her, Danica Patrick is a NASCAR driver, made famous for her Indycar Series career. She was some kind of celebrity, since there are few girls in the top spots of motorsports. Now that she’s in NASCAR, Indycar fans can cheer for Bia Figueiredo, a driver from my own country, Brazil, and Simona de Silvestro.

      I’d rather have a F1 driver aswell, ther’re well known everywhere. NASCAR and Indy are aimed only at americans.

  21. Amusingly, I’ve heard of this person before. IDK, I’m kind of indifferent on whether or not this inclusion is a good idea. But hey, if they think it’ll work, fine by me. I’m actually kind of curious as to how they’re going to make this idea work in the game.

  22. I’m okay with this… As long as she doesn’t kiss my Sonic… Like other realistic, famous women randomly appearing in a Sonic game… *cough* Elise *cough*

  23. …. No one saw this coming…. you bet your sweet bippy I didn’t…. *sighs* Okay… just take a breath….

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Where did THIS come from?! XD

  24. If they REALLY wanted to add sex appeal to this game, they should’ve just added Rouge to the roster.

    But honestly, I’m not complaining.

    1. That reason alone is why I’m not interested in this game. I have little respect for Sega of Europe.

      The silver lining is, that Wii U’s lineup looks absolutely pitiful and there’s alot mediocre crap coming out this holiday season that Transformed is a breath of fresh air.

  25. I can understand why people don’t like it. But look at it from a buisness perspective. You put, arguably, the most popular NASCAR driver in Danica Patrick in a CARTOON racing game. They are trying to get fans of NASCAR to get the game and people from normal racing games (GT5) intresting in this game. It is a smart buisness move by SEGA and Danica. Some people think that NASCAR is going to drop in popularity in the next few years. Having Danica in the game is trying to get young kids intrested in NASCAR. Try and prove that wrong.

  26. Considering her being GoDaddy’s face and all the SOPA fiasco… I really didn’t expect this…
    …just saying

  27. I like how all of you huys who live outside of the US are complaining about a real person being in a SEGA game, lol, you guys need to calm down, its not like shes taking anyones spot or anything, I’d rather play as Danica than Big the cat.

  28. Who? your telling me one of the slots for a new character is taken by some celebrity? how is she a Sega all star

    I want Toejam and Earl, Asha from Monster world 4, Blaze, Espio, Ristar and Ecco not some person ive never heard of.

    Its like Sega think she would make this game sell and that they don’t believe in sonic anymore just because Sonic generations sold poorly (which is a shame because that game was awesome)

  29. Waste of a character slot? I’d rather have a Formula 1 racer for the UK release! Give me Jenson Button anyday.

    Actually no…give me a SEGA CHARACTER ANYDAY!!!

    1. I wouldn’t say Button personally, but he would have more global recognition – and more in Japan where he is something of a hero.

  30. The way her face is arranged in her picture makes it look like she’s holding in a giant shit.

  31. Hey guys, how about you man up already!!
    SUMO confirmed she hasn’t taken any slot, she’s just an extra.

  32. This won’t too
    bad as it might seem.
    Most of the time I was
    watching “Sonic”(not her)
    on E3 on tv which made
    me so happy I didn’t even noticed
    Patrick. 😀

  33. Hm, pretty nice, actually. All-Star Racing is not such a serious and mature game, it’s more of a laidback cool experience, so why not adding a different type of character, maybe giving Sonic (and Danica) more exposure and all that? No one will be forced to play with Danica anyway, so those who are not much into motorsports (or her, specifically) can stick to the other characters. I’ll still play with Billy Hatcher, for one 🙂

    On the other hand, I’m eager to see her Impala with a Sonic livery! That ought to be cool!

  34. Wait…Jensen is famous in Japan! 0_o

    Either way, I hope she’s an American exclusive…I would like to see Danger Mouse for a UK exclusive as he would make even more sense!

  35. I hope she’s an American exclusive too, the German Version will come with Michael Schuhmacher in his Ferrari! LoL

  36. Well, I’m neutral to this. Who knows? She’ll be advertising the game too, and…Well, it’s just an amusing surprise in my opinion.

    Adds a splash of unexpected variety.

  37. I’m a major gamer and NASCAR fan, hate the National Felon League for sure. But with that aside, Danica being in this game is cool, and at Texas Motor Speedway she is driving the car at the track. It’s great advertisement!

  38. I guess thats why the game is called Sonic and ALL-STARS racing instead of Sonic and SEGA ALL-STARS racing

    1. That logic really doesn’t hold up when you consider the original games XBOX 360 port featured a Banjo-Kazooie character, and the Wii port had Mii’s.

  39. Personally, I was hoping for the Hornet to appear. Ok, and Segata Sanshiro riding on a giant Saturn controller. But mostly the Hornet.

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