Mash-Up Monday: A Generation of Escape

Courtesy of KatamariParadox, this week’s Mash-Up Monday will feature a four-way mash of all known versions of City Escape’s “Escape from the City”: the original, the instrumental, the Classic, and the Modern!

Thankfully, it isn’t just all four sprawled across one another. Bits and pieces of each iteration of the track contribute to a complete piece!


See if you can spot the original Endless Mine in there.

Those seeking a download can head over to the Soundcloud page!

Found an interesting mash-up somewhere on the web? Want to have one of your own combinations featured? If so, then send it over to!

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  1. How do we send in mash ups?
    I have fond a few cool ones and I don’t know if they need any special specifications.

  2. I wish the transitions between the Generations Act 1 mix and the others were more seamless but it’s still pretty awesome and nicely done regardless.

  3. Kick ass! for City Escape’s “Escape from the City”: the original, the instrumental (Protoype from the SA 2 Demo), the Classic, and the Modern! 😆

  4. Thanks for the feature, Vizard! By the way, it’s actually a mash up of the Original, Trial, Modern, and Classic, and yes there is a difference; The Trial version has a lead guitar in place of the vocals, while the Instrumental doesn’t.

  5. A completely delectable medley of concentrated awesome sauce combined with pure epic win! GENIUS!!

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