Freak-Out Friday: The Sonic Heroes Song PART 2

So, remember that first Sonic Heroes Song?

Well, there’s a sequel. And here it is, “The Sonic Heroes Song Part 2”! It doesn’t get any better than this.

I highly recommend earphones for extra enjoyment!



Made by xTrickyWolfy!

…you know, if it weren’t for Tricky, I never would’ve noticed that Cream’s ears were backwards.

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  1. I’m going to assume that Cream’s ears are like Tails’ namesakes, in which they can rotate however they feel like. I’m also going to assume that they and Charmy are related and their great-great-great-grandfather was a bumblebee. That’s the only way any of this is going to make sense. DON’T DISPUTE ME!

  2. Is it sad to say I enjoyed this? The harmony from Cheese and Chocola was actually pretty good. And I mean, the voices, despite being horrible, were actually singing well. Let me say that again. The horrible voices sang well. That takes talent.

  3. This will probably be stuck in my head forever. And I’ll think of it at an inappropriate time and burst out laughing.

  4. best thing about this was the tune and Omega singing at the end, still pretty good if they sung it properly it could actually catch on

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