Freak-Out Friday: GET A LOAD OF THIS!

It’s Sonic’s birthday tomorrow! Being that it’s, for all intents and purposes, the eve of his anniversary, why not celebrate now?

Get the cake!

Get the music!

Get the women!

Get the Chaos Emeralds!


If you thought that “Sonikku in a Dress” was questionable… well, there you have it!

Special thanks(?) to Weresquirrel94 for the find!

Happy anniversary, everyone~!

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  1. Mother of God……

    Funny thing is….I’ve seen this same thing on dA a few days ago…and my good sir I do NOT want to get a load of this. XP

  2. . . . . . . . pfft~



    PLAYBOY BUNNY EGGMAN YES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! ♥

  3. After seen that image, I am typing by memorizing the qwerty keys since I can’t see straight. I will be having nightmares for weeks.

  4. The guy who did this art submited it to my deviant art group, so i have to see it. EVERY DAY

  5. i guess the creator thought it was
    (puts on sunglasses)
    time for a change of pace

  6. Luckily, I stopped scrolling when I saw the ears and the top half of Eggman’s face. My eyes are saved for the time being.

  7. Well there goe my virgin eyes atleast i have virgin ears in other news ITS NOT ONLY SONIC’S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW BUT MINE TOO 😀

  8. *eyetwitch* NUH! UHG! AAAAA*hourslater*AAAAAAH! *passes out*


    Why would you do this!?

    Uuuuhg……. and this is the second time I saw this. AAAAAAAAAHG!

  9. Still remember his annoying stuttering lines at the end of Sonic Adventure…

    “Get a load of, get a load of, get a load of this”

  10. Or maybe I am thinking of the battle with that egg walker thing outside the casino area. Been years since I have played SA but that line stuck w/ me

  11. Slight metal taste, left arm gone numb, sharp chest pain… I do believe that picture just caused me a stroke.

    Kudos to whoever recognizes the reference!

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