Eddie Lebron Releases Third Trailer for Sonic Fan Film

I’m going to keep this short. Eddie Lebron is a film maker, his latest project has been a Sonic fan movie. Only this one is different, it’s amazing! Try not to spill your tea.


The short film is due for release this summer. You can find out more via the links below… … Oh yes… That is Jaleel White voicing Sonic.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and convince Eddie Lebron to turn his talents into building me a life sized fully working BuzzBomber! Yes I know that was CGI but I can dream!

For more information on this project. Visit the sites. SonicFanFilm.com & BlueCoreStudios.com.


  1. Wow… Sonic looks BAD! Honestly I’m excited because he made the Mega Man fan film, also did I do that! But so far… meh

    1. I agree, Sonic looks hideous… but they’re aiming for realistic, right? And so far, the actual movie looks great… considering how little of it we’ve seen XD

      1. Sonic also looks too big. He’s only supposed to be a little over 3 feet tall. I almost thought I was watching someone in a Sonic costume. 😛

  2. hmmm…can someone tell me why Jaleel White is doing this again? Is he at least getting paid?

    Look I know, THIS IS A TRIUMPH for fans to see a film maker create a Sonic film but you gotta question why would LeBron waste valuable assets on wrangling expensive actors if he doesn’t even have the budget to properly animate your characters. Everything is so stilted and fake, it makes a SciFy movie look like a masterpiece. Sure, he got away with a low budget Mega Man movie, but that was because the circumstances allowed him to use a limited amount of special effects in tandem with the live action actors and the costumes.

    But for a movie about a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, animation budget should be top priority BEFORE you hire any actors. Otherwise, all the good writing in the world isn’t going to distract your audience from the stilted animation (and if the trailers are anything to go by, they’re nothing to write home about). You need to hire more animators before you hire Steve Urkle, just saying.

    I’ll be happy to wait for Wreck-ItRalph to see my Sonic movie fix till then.

    1. I know, right? I mean I’d like a good story over all first and foremost, but I doubt he has that much when he’s jumping all over the place putting a Modern Sonic in alongside a Retro Suited Robotnik. It just reeks. If he wants to use the Retro Robotnik it better come with a properly animated Retro Sonic model instead of working off of Evan Stanley’s concepts.

      It’s sad when the Badniks look more believable than Sonic himself. And I hear you on Wreck It Ralph. I just hope that the Arcade has a Sega Sonic Arcade or Sonic the Fighters machine for my Retro fix unless Sega REALLY is that fucking stubborn about anyone seeing Retro Sonic in anything that’s not a t-shirt or Generations.

  3. While this film sounds good in theroy, with no tails in sight and all that awful cgi, I’m not really overly interested for this film. And I wish they’d got Roger Craig Smith or even Balena Productions for Sonic. I have nothing agianst Jaleel white, but to me he’s not, and never will be, Sonic.

    1. Jaleel white is the first sonic, if anything he made sonic who he is today which roger etc are basing off.
      Dont you realise roger’s sonic acts slightly similar to Jaleels just they sound different.

      1. Um, wrong.

        Roger’s Sonic is an obvious older version of Ryan Drummond’s Sonic.

        You can tell in the way he sounds and acts.

        1. Hmm, according to Wikipedia SegaSonic released in 1993, and if this is true… Well, in Germany, there were 3 adio-plays of Sonic released, and the first casette seems to date back to as early as 1992. Sonic was voiced by a guy called “Michael Harck” there, so, he might actually be Sonic’s first voice ^^;

      2. Lol…how sonic acts is script. Has nothing to do with voice acting. Both are completely different. I personally don’t like Jaleel whites voice. Sounds nasally. And I’m pretty sure the script writers game makers and media control made sonic who he is today, not a long since forgotten one hit wonder tv celebrity

    2. What the hell are you talkng about jaleel White is way better than Roger Craig Smith any day!!! As for Balena Productions I think Steve Page who made Balena Productions is great I love his work but Jaleel White is GREAT. PERIOD.

  4. You see this what ruined sonic, trying to bring him in realistic settings, Sonic is a colorful cartoon/anime character. *sigh*

      1. Did you even read his comment… or do you just have a bunch of zingers written on index cards?

        1. They’re on post it notes.

          He’s complaining that Sonic is aparently ruined. But the issue here is that this is a fan movie with a fan directors vision which shouldn’t have any impact on the videogame series at all or ones perception of it.

          1. I think what he was trying to say is that the same thing that ruined the Sonic games is also ruining this fan film.

          2. Yes Sorry to have not been clear, Im referring to Sonic 06 heheh. I appreciate the effort and some people might like this as they do Sonic 06. I just dont like also when alot of people love a lie and the gullible companies grant the fans wish and ruin the franchise. But I digress.

          3. But you know this is all thin the sake of fun and diversity, I wish the guys making it and seeing it have a good time, and actually get it done you know? I wish everyone the best. Sorry if my previous comments sounded negative, not my intention at all! I wish everyone the best!

  5. @Tim – Tails does not suck. He is the best character after Sonic.

    @Paradox the Hedgehog – A lot us are use to JW who voiced Sonic in satAM, AOSTH and Underground. He was amazing. He made Sonic ‘way past cool’ So JW to return for this fan film is fantastic. If only he could voice Sonic in a new 3d Sonic game, now that would be awesome.

    The film looks really interesting.

    1. Yes, I know that JW is the Sonic for many people, but that Sonic was really the embodiement of the Amercainised Sonic. He just seems outdated to me now that the Japanese continuity is now the one true continuity. I can respect JW, and I’m willing to put up with him, but I think a different actor would’ve been better suited, and the budget could’ve been better spent.

      And yes, Tails is important. He’s sonic’s companion, his friend. There’s lots of chances for that to work storywise. Athought as we have yet to see him revealed, or even see a character design sheet for him, it seems like they pushed him aside in favor of a load of real actors so they didn’t have to spend so much time animating.

      I’ll try to watch this film when it comes out, although I might stop watching halfway through (Like I did withthe Mega-Man movie, it just failed to grip me).

  6. The main thing that they really messed up on Sonic’s model is that the Male Hedgehogs mouths in the Sonic games and shows generally are on the sides of their muzzles rather than in the center…

    Also, why haven’t you guys talked about Sonic Underground returning to US Television yet? I said it last week when it was announced. lol

    1. They tend to focus on European Sonic happenings.. (i.e A whole Summer of Sonic forum vs a single Sonic Boom thread)

      I’d watch the movie, looks a-ight

      1. Actually we don’t. We focus on all Sonic happenings worldwide.

        The comparison between the SOS forum and the Sonic Boom thread is a bit silly. Mainly because the majority of staff at TSS are also SOS staff or have a hand in it?

        1. *sob* Some of the staff got a free trip to Boom last year.. and we can’t even get the Boom thread stickied ._.
          The announcement that Iizuka going to Boom didn’t even make news..

          Anyway, we appreciate your replies 🙂

    2. “Also, why haven’t you guys talked about Sonic Underground returning to US Television yet? I said it last week when it was announced.”

      Because it isn’t news/interesting. It’s no different from when POP started to re-show old episodes of SatAM. Or other random digital/sky channels sometimes bung on an old Sonic cartoon.

      1. That’s the thing though, European Stations have been broadcasting all four sonic shows off and on for awhile… American Television has only showed Sonic X ever since it debuted in 2003.

        After having Nine years of nothing but Sonic X (Not saying I hate it), Undergound Re-airing is a blessing to finally mix things up at least a little bit. lol…

          1. @ Dakota Jones Are you sure? Life With Derek is on at that time for me. I looked through all of Disney XDs programing and no Underground listings were founds

          2. @Nickyy Huh, thats strange. It’s been on every morning for me at 8:00 am MST since monday. The “How to catch a queen” episode was playing just this morning. Maybe it’s different show times in various regions of the US instead of time zones, so idk.

            @bmhedgehog the problem with me personally with DVDs (or watching the shows online for that matter) is that I will sometimes watch the DVD’s until the LED scanner has the potential to burn a hole through the disc. lol
            So with the shows being just on TV, it gives more control on how much i watch as well as keeping the episodes at random. Keeping a win-win result of the show being able to maintain my attention. xD

      2. Some of you keep forgeting that most of these shows are on DVD. So whats the point of watching on TV when you have the bloody DVDs?

        1. Watched it this morning, thanks for the reminder! I haven’t woken up to a Sonic cartoon since 1998 😀

  7. I really don’t understand the bitchin’ about the Sonic model. I really don’t see a problem with it. I don’t usually bother with fan films as they generally seem to be pretty awful, but this actually looks really good. Honestly, the CG is great. I don’t know what people were expecting from it! I was expecting a LOT worse!!

  8. Jaleel White as Sonic = UBER EPIC FAIL. He has got to be the most overrated Sonic VA EVER, like the crap cartoons he voiced Sonic on (yes, THAT INCLUDES SATAM). White makes Sonic sound like a ten year old kid who’s constantly trying to be cool, eeewwww.

    1. “Sonic is sonic no matter who voices him” says fans yet they moan at whoever voices him, yet if sonic went mute they would moan that he doesn’t talk, Jaleel is a classic and this is only a fan film, something made for one thing : Fun. Most people prefer Jaleel’s sonic over all the sonics anyway.

  9. @ The voice actor complaints – Every generation…nay, every media interpretation has a different version of the hedgehog, no matter who is voicing it. And for a lot of people who grew up in the 90’s, Jaleel White delivered what was promised about Sonic at the time: a blue hedgehog with an attitude. ESPECIALLY the attitude! And, this may be weird and I know that Jaleel went out of his way to make Sonic as un-ethnic as possible, but I liked the fact that Sonic was voiced by a brother. For some reason, it just felt…right. Of course, depending on the direction, his Sonic may not be right for all interpretations.

    For example, with the script they had, I don’t see White being a Sonic for the Dreamcast Era. And as much as I love him, he sounds a little too forced at times compared to Roger, though he can still pull it off, if he just uses his natural voice.

    Still wonder why he decided to take the job, it seems to small for a guy like him to just help out a fan-project.

  10. i havent seen the trailer yet due to a bad connection with youtube, but just having a look at the photo. Gamma looks AWSOME. If they are having him in it. does that mean it will be loosly based on Adventure?

    1. Yeah, Gamma is the first character model I’ve seen that I actually like.

      And, is it just me, or did most people call him “E-102” back in the day? Ever since E-123 Omega debuted, everyone calls E-102 Gamma “Gamma.”

      1. From my experience. people have been calling him Gamma in adventure as well. but that may have been because of the name confusions at the time with Zero, Beta, Epsilon and Delta. he has also been called just Gamma in Sonic X and in Sonic Universe possibly for the same reason. that or people are just lasy and dont call him his full name

  11. Awesome Gamma model, and awesome that he’s there! The Sonic Model, errr, not so much.
    I just don’t understand why they bothered with trying to make it look like real fur. It’d be much better to just to have a smooth CG model like we see in the games, it’d probably fit better; trying to make him look as if he’s in the real world by giving him fur kinda works against them, he just looks odd/out of place. It’s just too hard a thing to pass off, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog that talks just isn’t something you can make seem real. They’d have been better just copying the look from the games/TV with a cartoony look, with everyone just accepting his presence. like in Looney Tunes Back in Action or Roger Rabbit.

    1. What really sucks about the realistic fur is that REAL hedgehogs don’t have any fur on the quills/spikes. (Sonic’s Blue.) They only have fur on their belly and face. (Sonic’s Peach).

  12. It doesn’t look bad, considering it’s an amateur production with a limited budget and all. Gamma looks absolutely fantastic, for what it’s worth. I think those working on the film should be proud they’ve made it so far.

    My only issue: what the heck does “take the ultimate spin dash” even mean? XD

  13. My one and only gripe with that trailer: The music.

    The whole thing looks gorgeous then they take a dump on their own trailer and use Music from Tron: Legacy, sure it fits but come on!

    If it uses music from other movies in the finished product, I’ll lack enthusiasm to watch :/ I hope it doesn’t

  14. Okay, okay, hold on people, just keep your pants, overalls, and skirts on! I’ve been following this for a while and a lot of these complaints are answered by Eddie Lebron… except the Sonic model, there’s no excuse there.

    1. Tails. The reason he is not here is because Eddie has stated that this is supposed to be what he thinks should be the adventure that Sonic had BEFORE Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis, as it is stated that Sonic had conflict with Robotnik before that. So, naturally, Tails shouldn’t be here because they haven’t met yet.

    2. Sonic’s voice actor. Why are we complaining about this? Jaleel White voiced Sonic in his cartoon days, and this is a prequel, so his voice should naturally sound like that.

    3. The models. Okay, even if this is something I personally think is stupid, I wanna talk about it. Sonic’s model actually used to be a lot WORSE in development, believe it or not. He had chest fur, extremely puppet-like animations, and his face was just that derpy. Trust me, if you’ve been following this, you probably appreciate the model now. Why they give it a Modern look? I dunno… and some may also complain about them using Adventure and Archie stuff in this prequel, but hey, it’s his continuity, there isn’t really anything that says Robotnik couldn’t have used these in the past. Plus, it’s Eddie’s movie, and he is a fan of SatAM and Sonic Adventure. There is even concepts for the models, and… I don’t know why they just didn’t do Sonic’s model like the concept art showed him.

    Overall the movie looks great. That Mega Man fan film was awesome, and I bet this one will be too. The feedback seems mixed so I figured I shed some light on things people are forgetting and give my opinions too. Hopes to this fan film…

    1. I agree, a friend of mine showed me the original model. i still haven’t seen the model but if he actually has a mouth in this. Instant Win. I actually like the idea of realism. Hey, it worked for Transformers (granted they almost destroyed Chicargo in the latest on)

      1. People are afraid to make Sonic realistic, but what they don’t get is realism has only ever made Sonic cooler. He’s a speedy blue hedgehog. Seeing that in a cartoony would is not interesting or impressive, it’s obvious and easy. Doing it in real life put against the limitations of everything else like Sonic is portrayed in the games is a challenge and shows the extremes of his skills, and most of the time we don’t REALLY notice a difference.

        We don’t need to put so much detail in Sonic he’s not Sonic. We should do the opposite. We need to Sonic-ify our world. lol SA1 and 2 are good examples of this done successfully. lol

        1. Yeah, this is true. Hey guys, remember when we tried making things realistic with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox 360! 😀 Yayyyy… yayyyyy… boo… yeah! It succks!

          XD But yeah, this seems like it’s getting the 06 art down, and making it more classic. Honestly, if we just made him a classic model… and made him animate like he did in that Progressive commercial… that’d be good. Oh well, I do think it won’t look that bad in the movie itself.

          1. I don’t think making Sonic realistic is what ruined that game. It just so happens that the game they tried to make realistic wasn’t established very well. Just because one group of ppl can’t do it right doesn’t mean it can’t ever be done right. Look at Sonic Adventure.

            Actually, Classic doesn’t work as well in 3D. Hence the change. Even in Generations he looks oak but he doesn’t look the same as Sonic actually did in the Classic days.

            The animation SEGA does is best tho. lol

  15. Well, now I’m aware of one thing I’ll be ranting about on Sonic Talk.

    This is a fan film. This fact means there are going to be certain limitations.

    This is being done on a shit budget for fun. Does Sonic look weird, is the animation low budget? Sure. But it’s a labor of love, and should be judged as such.

    Also, I sincerely doubt Jaleel White took anything out of the animation budget. He’s not a big name actor anymore.

    1. Agreed, sir. And I think that’s why it’s so “awesome” to everyone. If it were on the big screen I’d say it’s 10 or more years too late to impress. But for a fan film, it’s very impressive. =)

    2. Its not the low budget effects I care about, but the weird super serious tone its taken
      When the Gun soliders showed up I just sighed because I shouldve known this would have forced military action thrown in

      1. Well what do you expect when an advanced scientific terrorist threatens the freedom of the world????

  16. I’m kind of excited to see how this turns out and all, but at the same time, it legitimately frightens me to look at it. Hell, I’m not sure what to think.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    The 2 best things about this film are Sonic’s voice acting and Gamma’s model!

    If I were to be a critic, I’d point out the lame Robotnik due to mustache and cosplay-like attire, the CGI of the buzzbombers looking fake, Sonic’s model looks awkward moving in real life environments and the composition of the trailer looked unexciting in terms of plot and acting. On the good side, Sonic’s model, though not fitting in, looks pretty good overall and a lot better than before, the CGI Buzzbombers at least look decent even if fake, the Egg Carrier looks decent, the footage looks good, the animation is fluid and Gamma (E-1000), unlike the buzzbombers, actually looked real! He looked cool even with his missing stripe.

    At the same time, these are nitpicks in comparison to features, but this being a short film by a fan and not a pro, it’s pretty damn well done in every aspect. Much like MegaMan.

  18. To be honest Im surprised people liked his Megman film, yeah it was alright in technical terms considering it was a fan film. But it was horribley written and paced (Ill never get over the fact he made Megman beat all the robots at once with ease in the beginning, thus destroying any tension for the following 40 minutes. Thats basic storytelling he messed up) Not to mention how shallow the characters were bare Dr. Wiley.
    This look worse. “Lets Put Sonic in the real world” “Lets make Eggman super serious” “Lets make Gun have a pivotal role and have lots of military action” Sounds like Michael Bay is making this.
    It just seems apprant to me that he either dosnt get what the main themes of the Sonic franchise are or he wants to do his own “take”, one thats story is starting to resembling a mix of Sonic 06 meets Shadow the Hedgehog. Either way I doubt Ill watch it

  19. Lol guys. I dare any of you idiots to go and try to make this with little to no budget other than donations from FANS LIKE YOU. CGI and model rigging is not an easy task, especially when it’s being meshed into realistic settings. You have to keep in mind Eddie is just some guy who really loves doing special effects and filming. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if anyone had actually watched the Megaman movie he made, they’d know this thing has potential. The fact that he’s even attempting to make a realistic Sonic movie is no small feat, and honestly, I think the fact that he’s this devoted to make just a 20 minute movie make him a better fan then half of you, regardless if it does well or not. And hey, if this actually does well and catches Sega’s eye, and or some other big company, we might actually see a legitimate movie. Sega already knows of it, and are waiting jsut like us to see it. Before you trash it, do your damn research.

    1. You’re calling people idiots WHY? You don’t know anything about their intelligence. This is not exactly the best subject to judge someone’s intelligence on anyway. It’s not quite algebra and physics.

      Besides, most to all have been saying it looks pretty good on the technical side for a fan film and criticisms if any are directed towards mere choices to the plot basically.

      There’s no such thing as a “Better fan” as there is no scale on how good of a fan someone is to something. You’re a fan if you like something. There’s no honor in it. There’s no status statement to it.

      I don’t think it’ll “catch their eye” and lead to a legit movie. SEGA publishes Sonic games by Sonic Team, first off. Secondly, the people working on Sonic already think a Sonic movie would be cool. What they’d need is money and a motive. Like you said, the people already know about the movie and are merely interested in watching the fan fiction. I’d say fan film, but the word “film” is used loosely. lol

    1. HA HA LOL LOL
      Imagine a sonic movie trailer with that:

      Trailer: and only one hero can save the world
      (Picture rolls up)
      Little kid watching trailer:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. are u kidding me? ppl are complaing about the darker tone and sonics modle? that’s so stupid. who cares if its a daker tone. I for one like the darker toned stuff. the cgu modle? I would like to see u guys do better. at least he haf the balls to.create a sonic a movie that his own take on the world instead of just.adding in comedy. and I would rather have serious eggman t han the one ee have now. he to…clownish. not saying i hate him but come on. adventure and adventure2 had. the intepretation of eggman.

  21. Why do the buzz-bombers(?) have ray-traced mirror value of 100%? Or gloss value of 0.00/100% (depending on render engine terminology). It doesn’t look good. That’s the same in the 3D world as abusing the hell out of photoshop lens flares, it completely ruins it.

    The lighting on the E102 scene is decent, but not good. It could do with some work, perhaps some simple compositing could fix that though.

    Before some one calls me out on my creative crit please note I did this in under 6 hours: http://tinyurl.com/7yxb5ac so I do have some 3D experience.

    If they really wants to make this as best as possible, and if they’re reading this, I’d recommend looking at http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=46&t=373024

  22. i just want to say i hate when peopels judging sonic for his tv shows and than think he is a bad character you can only allowd to judging him only after you play his games

  23. Eh, those who complain can compain. I, for one, am really looking forward to this. That’s a lot of effort to put into it for a fan film, and it’s staged really well. Can’t wait to see the finished product in a couple months!

  24. I don’t think Jaleel White is doing a very good job as Sonic’s voice anymore :/
    He was good in the classics, yes, but that was years ago! And now that he’s like 15 years or so older I don’t think he can get away with sounding like an attitude filled teenager anymore. His voice just doesn’t match to what it used to 🙁

  25. All the robots look amazing, Robotnik is ok, and Sonic needs work. Not just with the texturing, but his face is too stiff when he’s running. He needs to blink/move his eyebrows more.

  26. Yeah, it’s fanmade, we get it. I’m just not giving it a pass merely because of that. I’m still gonna judge it fairly, and how well produced the movie will be. So for those of you throwing around the “fanmade” card without much conviction, it may excuse some things, but I won’t just blindly admire it being fanmade. I will judge it fairly for its story and writing. If those fail, the movie will be bad.

  27. Ehh….
    The acting sounds great, and the props are really cool, but the CGI effects are a bit disappointing, to be honest. Sonic and Gamma look EXTREMELY cheesy and awkward. The models are great, but how they’re placed and shaded is… bleh.
    Despite all that, I’m boiling with anticipation.

  28. I respect Jallel White´s works and fans of him, but he doesn´t fits to Sonic anymore. I think they should replace him with Roger or Ryan. The voices sounds so off with the modern Sonic. Also, Sonic needs a lot of work with the lights to doesn´t look just pasted on the scenes.

    1. Ah. Dragonball Evolution was a pretty good movie since goku at least wasn’t played by a 12 year old mexican girl.

      Super Mario Brothers was a good movie cuz at least Mario had a mustache and Luigi’s name wasn’t Giovanni and Peach didn’t turn into a rabbit to escape at some point. =)

    1. That’s not Classic Sonic. That’s Jaleel White. He voiced DiC Sonic and is now voicing a fan made Sonic in it’s own continuity.

      And it sounds fine. I didn’t even notice at first cuz I was used to it already as long as it’s Sonic. Plus I think he called him Eggman in the old cartoons once before.

  29. Yeah this looks….bad?

    Yeah I’m gonna go with ‘bad’. Will probably watch out of sheer amusement though.

  30. Why does everyone think the robot is Gamma? If you look closer at the pic, on his chest it says “E-100,” plus the fact he has no white stripe should make it more obvious that he’s just a prototype or a nameless predecesser. Kinda like those Gamma-like enemies in Eggman’s pyramid base with two gun arms.

  31. I feel bad that everyone is kind of bashing this. Yeah, the Sonic model could be better, but I’m just Eddie Lebron is working his ass off on this film.

    I think it looks pretty good given it’s a FAN film!

  32. This was awesome, until Sonic showed up. He looks like he’s made out of solid wet paper-mâché.

  33. JW is who gave Sonic his beloved attitude. It’s what every actor after him has failed to do. Yeah the voice can get annoying but JW said himself it has a unique feel. He said he didn’t want Sonic to sound as if he had a race. He gave that perfect mixture of “I’m the best.” “And I know it.” personality to Sonic. Seeing somebody who’s so full of themselves can get aggravating, but at the end, Sonic always proved himself right. I thought that was what made Sonic so cool.

  34. I have to admit, this a daunting idea. But I like it! Getting to see something fresh from another fan’s perspective could make this project work. Plus an old friend playing the blue hedgehog again. =D

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