Alternate S&ASR Transformed Trailer Officially Reveals Wii U Version

UPDATE: The video has now been removed. Fortunately, Sonic Paradise screencapped it.

Original story:
Sonic Wrecks has uploaded an alternate version of today’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer that officially reveals what we told you back in January – that the game is coming to Wii U. Fast forward to the 01:30 mark at the end of the video and you can see the Wii U logo.

With this being the E3 trailer, hopefully we’ll see the Wii U version in action at SEGA’s E3 booth next week.

Source: Sonic Wrecks’ YouTube channel

Thanks to SSMB member ProfessorZolo for the heads up!

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  1. Based on my most reliable known sources for all things Wii U related, purenintendo,gonitnetndo and Neo Gaf, there’s ZERO mention of a Wii U version.

    Also, the youtube channel is not on Sega of Europe’s official youtube channel. So for now, I’ll wait and see if Sega of Europe is allowed to annouce a Wii U port.

    I doubt this is real. The Wii U logo looks photoshopped.

    1. Why would Sonic Wrecks post a FAKE video? Just to get publicity? –No, Sonic Wrecks is not like that.

      1. Also, with the video being taken down proves even more that there will be a Wii U version, but that SEGA cannot announce it until E3. πŸ™‚

    2. Well, you better spend more time reading NeoGAF then, since this interview was posted there too:

      In terms of the formats the game’s on, has Nintendo told everyone not to announce Wii U games? Because it seems impossible to imagine this, and various other recently announced games, aren’t going to be on it.

      JN: I couldn’t possibly tell you. [laughs]

      GC: You couldn’t tell me because you know or because you don’t know?

      JN: [laughs] I… couldn’t possibly tell you. But I agree with you, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get this onto a platform like the Wii U!

  2. If there is a Wii U version, I hope that Sonic Racing Transformed will be able to make it run @60fps! The current consoles cannot handle it…

  3. Also in this trailer, it uses the old Playstation logo which is actually no longer active and OMITS the already confirmed VITA version.

    Again, I’m skeptical.

    1. I think it might just be a PAL region version of the trailer. That PlayStation logo is still used when a game is coming to two or more PlayStation formats like this title is. Instead of putting logos for PS3 and PS Vita, they’re just using one of the PlayStation logos. Publishers always do this.

      Just noticed that the IGN one is the PAL one. This would have been the US one. It’s the US trailers that always group the PlayStation platforms together under one PlayStation logo.

  4. Saw the trailer before it was took down. Glad to see Vyse as in the game. Maybe will see Skies of Arcadia HD in the future because of this. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m hoping for this too, I heard it’s coming xbox live sometime in the future, let’s hope it’s true πŸ™‚

  5. I knew it was gonna be on Wii U. Nintendo just probably didn’t want them to announce it until E3.

  6. Shocked, I am SHOCK-ED! :O

    Glad to see some much more probable evidence. πŸ™‚ The game looks gorgeous, shows that the original was baselined on Wii, I hope Sumo give the Wii U version better graphics, even just beefing it to 60 fps would be enough for me. πŸ™‚

  7. I compared this video with the one from IGN, and it looks to be an edited screen on it… So I think its fake.

    1. Why would Sonic Wrecks post a FAKE video? Just to get publicity? –No, Sonic Wrecks is not like that.

    2. It’s just the US version of the trailer with a Wii U logo added and the PS Vita and PS3 logos grouped together under one PlayStation logo, like all US trailers for games releasing on 2 or more PlayStation platforms do. IGN had the PAL trailer.

      What Ricardo said, too.

      1. I’m still skeptical. If its legit why was it taken down? E3 is just of couple of days away, Most publishers ARE already revealing their lineup and annoucements. It would make sense if it wasn’t so close to E3.

        Also, SEGA is not run are owned by Nintendo, noir are they Wii U’s biggest support. (That honor goes to Ubisoft, in fact Pure Nintendo is now receiving reports of a new Prince of Persia title) So if there’s a Wii U version, it should be annouced official by Sega of Europe soon BEFORE E3.

        If its real, I wouldn’t be surprised. SEGASammy as they’re forming Sega Orbi has been debating whether or not to allow Sega Orbi Euro to be able to still publish a small very tiny number of physical form content. Since SOE has done better 3rd party wise than SOA.

    3. The Sonic Wrecks video didn’t have the IGN logo on the bottom right, you can’t really edit a logo out that’s visible throughout the entire video, this isn’t a fake screen, it was like this in the actual video.

    4. The fact that this trailer was quickly removed by Sonic Wrecks while the official E3 trailer is STILL intact and coupled with the fact that E3 is ONLY a few days away and everyone is already revealing their lineup and announcements, leads me to believe, that trailer was probably photoshopped with the logo.

      FYI, everyone. SEGA is NOT the Wii U’s biggest partner. Ubisoft is.

      1. You honestly have no idea the way different region trailers are put together do you?

  8. did they show anything different on that trailer besides the Wii U logo at the end?

  9. did anybody see anything about PC? I think that they are gonna do that but I can’t quite see anything on it in the pic. can someone confirm that?

    1. When Steve Lycett was answering fan questions, one asked about Sonic Racing Transformed having online on PC this time, and Steve replied saying, “Online in Sonic Racing on PC was a big demand, so maybe it may be in Transformed for PC”. Something like that, but Steve confirmed Sonic Racing Transformed for PC basically. πŸ™‚

      1. k thanks

        too bad that everything is gonna be for wii u and 3ds and not wii and ds anymore… πŸ™

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