All-Stars Racing Transformed Coming November 2012, Wii U Confirmed

SEGA is aiming for a November 2012 release for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. We can also reveal with certainty that the SUMO Digital-developed racer will be heading to Nintendo’s Wii U, with versions for PC, iOS and Android also in the works.

Transformed will feature 16 tracks to race on, with scope for more down the line – the game will definitely see some form of DLC, if things go according to plan. For those attending the San Diego Comic Con, expect a new character reveal too.

SEGA and SUMO are also planning some “unique platform specific features” for the Wii U, 3DS and Vita versions of the game – we’d assume this will boil down to alternative control methods using the various inputs of each platform, but we’d welcome something more dramatic.

The details were announced at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2012 (in Las Vegas, obviously), where SEGA appeared to make a big pushย to sell the Sonic brand to various marketing and licensing partners. Details on the history of the Sonic video game franchise – as well as details on SART – were revealed in a press pack handed to attendees.

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  1. *tilts head* That render isn’t very flattering… Sonic’s car looks more like a big toy than a cool transforming car. I’m trying to see this from a kid’s point of view. Even when I was little I think I would’ve been a bit “eeh” by that.

        1. Im guessing ur fairly old if you remember the T-bird or you like old cars or you know the slightest thing about cars if you’re thinkin what im thinkin.

  2. November, huh? Who isn’t surprised? XD

    DLC. Yay. …Except, I don’t have any Microsoft Points on the 360 >.< CURSES.

    1. There was a Licensing show in Las Vegas a few days ago. Sega was there and had several press kits/documents to hand out. Now the event has it’s own website, and the documents were all on there for anyone to download and take a look at.

  3. Don’t say there will be DLC…it will just get people’s hopes up and then have them tumbling down after launch. All-Stars Racing was mentioned to have the possibility of all sorts of DLC, and we got 1 track and 1 character. Generations had so many empty spots stage gates could have gone, so much possibility and we got nothing. The last time we got decent DLC was Unleashed and even that was just new acts.

    Expansion type DLC is something that has so much potential for Sonic games like All-Star racing and Generations and just didn’t get done. I for one won’t get my hopes up again. Then if it actually ever happens it will be a true suprise, and not a let down when it doesn’t end up happening even tho they could make tons of extra cash.

    1. Yes, I think it had 20. Racing Transformed will ALSO have 20 stages, with 4 of them from the first game being remastered.

      The only reason we really get 16 stages is because this time Sumo is putting in VARIETY. There’s not going to be 3 Green Hill tracks or 3 House of the Dead [insert stage name here] tracks. Each track will be different. Word around the web is that each character will be presented with their own stage – which is believable because even though Giluis is the only Golden Axe character, they STILL made a Golden Axe stage – which awesome! Also, do not forget that each stage will be presented with at least 2 types of elements from ground, water or air — and that takes a lot more time to do than just building simple tracks, especially when you have to make air and water physics.

      Sooo yeah, that’s pretty much the reason we get 16 stages (we get 20 total though) in this game.
      So that’s pretty much the reason why

  4. Ah, this is some pretty good news! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope that if that character reveal is happening, it’s a Sonic character or NiGHTS. I’m definitely getting the Wii U version of the game… even if the console itself seems iffy, I did get the first one on the Wii… and who knows, if it’s platform specific content, there could be anything to upgrade it.

  5. Aw, no WP7 version? I’d kill for a WP7 version of all of the iOS/Android releases…

  6. Getting this for my 360 when I can ๐Ÿ˜› Though if the Vita version has some exclusives other than controls, I might aswell get that one too.

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