What If: Sonic Generations had a Windmill Isle stage?

What If: Sonic Generations had a Windmill Isle stage?


The video above contains what at first appears to be a normal run through of Windmill Isle, but when you look closer you discover that it’s not Windmill Isle… at least not from Sonic Unleashed. That is a re-creation of Windmill Isle running in Sonic Generations!

Dario FF released the stage about an hour ago stating that the level has been released to the public mainly for hardware spec testing. If you have the PC version of Sonic Generations, feel free to download it and give it a go, report your experience along with your computers specs either at Sonic Retro or SSMB’s Generations mod topic.

But the beauty of a Sonic Unleashed Total Conversion mod? You can use all the perks that you find in Sonic Generations, so yes my friends, that means you can finally play as Super Sonic in Windmill Isle.

Full instructions as to how to download/install the mod can be found at the Sonic Retro link. If you’ve got Sonic Generations on the PC and are a tad disappointed by the lack of DLC stages, with any luck this should quench your desires!

So give it a download and try it out, let us know in the comments what you think and of course help out the people behind this by posting your system specs and experience of playing it at the links provided in this update and at the end of the post.

Now Sega… about that Sonic Generations DLC which has been on the Japan store for a month and a bit now… any chance we can get that over here in the west?

Source: SSMB & Sonic Retro.

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    1. If you have a hacked PS3 or 360 I’m sure this could easily be ported among other mods. (eg: Classic Sonic Adventures)

  1. Those other 2 Japanese DLC in the Japanese PSN store are just themes :/ nothing special.

      1. Well, yeah, but if you pre-ordered it in America, you still get those three so… maybe they’re not giving it to us to make pre-order value or something… I mean, I already have them… but I know people would still really want those things, I mean, could they at least give us additional DLC if they’re not gonna give us those? Because the PS3 themes are awesome and I feel bad for those who lack it… it’s only fair if the either release em later or give us more DLC for the people who didn’t get it, like Ice Cap Zone… or another boss fight, oh say, Classic Knuckles? I dunno.

  2. Incredible right down to the rotation of the windmills themselves! Generations has given the Sonic Community not only the best game in 7years but a tool that skilled modders to use to port old and new stages in a way previously thought impossible.

  3. Finally Super Sonic without his annoying uncontrolable flying power! They should make a mod that lets Super Sonic control like this.

  4. This guy should try to make an egg fleet/starlight carnival level. He did really good with this mod even though it’s small

  5. Man, I really wish my laptop could run Generations well. I eagerly await the day people start making totally custom stages. Modern Hydrocity (pronounced HYDROSSITY) please!

  6. Works really well. Both my laptop and desktop were able to run at 60+ FPS without any issues.

  7. Very well done!
    There are a few issues such as boosting into a wall lets you see through it – however it is very early.
    10/10. Would froth over again.

  8. I think SEGA should make a game for all of Sonic’s transformations, imagine the gameplay for that =D

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