Two New Oil Desert, Boss Screenshots

The Xbox Live Marketplace product page for Sonic 4: Episode II gave two new Oil Desert screens today, one of those showcasing the oil rig stage’s boss.

As a reminder, the game is confirmed to begin release this month: May 15th for the Playstation Network and PC, and May 16th for the Xbox Live Arcade. It is also due for release this month on iOS devices, an exact date yet to be confirmed.


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  1. WEEEELLLL…that’s nice but I’ve already seen all of this…first-hand… >_>’

    1. This is for those who haven’t spoiled themselves from the leaked PC beta and are following the officially released content and waiting for the game’s official release.

    2. Well, good for you if you played through leaked assets! Well done, well done! And just as Shadzter said. Any other cynical remarks? 😀

      1. Hey, this hasn’t dissuaded me from buying the game, if that’s what you’re trying to imply. I still have every intent to purchase the PS3 version.

  2. I already have $20 on my psn account wallet ready for day 1 launch, can’t wait (:

  3. So the special stages are rings at the end of the stage again. I thought maybe with Sonic 2 special stages we’d get Sonic 2 entry. Not a problem, though.

    And yes, I haven’t spoiled the game for myself 🙂

  4. This boss reminds me of something off that movie “9”… minus any glowing red eyes. lol
    I’m really liking what the guys are doing with the bosses in this game.

  5. I didn’t spoil myself too much when Ep 2 leaked, so this boos screen was a BIG surprise! Looks epic! First time seeing him. I feel like a virgin. (emphasis on “LIKE”)

  6. This boss looks like some kind of 2D steampunk Egg golem with the marble garden zone boss gimmick thrown in the mix, also dose anyone know how you control Tails ‘s flight is at mashing a button (S3&K) or holding it down (SA1)

    1. It also looks kinda like Sonic Advance 3’s final boss (not the extra-one, the one on Altar Emerald) because of the 4 platforms-in-the-ground-and-the-giant-robot-kind of thing.
      And I’m surprised that there is still no troll/classic fanboy user saying “OMG BOSS REHAAAAASSHHH SEGA Y U NO DO IT RITE?!?!!!1!1117??

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