Sound Test Saturday: Unlimited Colours!

For this week’s Sound Test Saturday, we will be taking a look at a couple of remixes dedicated to Sonic Colours, a Nintendo exclusive entry that breathed new life into the franchise with some of the most zaniest yet colourful stages, gameplay mechanics, and of course, music, in the entire series.

Let’s start with something unique: a House mix of the Green Hover Wisp theme by Stylez-T!

Update: The video has been removed. Thanks to Darksonic20 for the notice.

As if the Hover theme wasn’t relaxing enough. Stylez here somehow managed to make a blissfully happy and sleep-inducing track even more sleep-inducing and happy. Of course, what’s most impressive is how Stylez turned a short, soft, situational loop into a full fledged 4 minute track! Definitely the last sort of thing I expecting! His “Hover House” mix at least deserves that credit.

And now, we dive into a unique remix, combining Aquarium Park with… Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes!

…wait, what?


Another returning artist, xTrickyWolfy was featured last week for her collaborative cover on Dragon’s Lair from Sonic and the Black Knight, along with FireGXLOL.

This week, however, Tricky goes solo as we take a look at another unexpected, yet brilliantly pulled off remix.

What surprises me most with this tune, a feeling that might be shared with most of you, is the unlikely combination, likely due to the associated stages: Aquarium Park being an aquatic paradise (bar the sushi available, yuck!); Mystic Mansion being a haunted domain filled to the brim with ghosts. However, the instrumentation and tone manage to stay faithful to the tracks and atmosphere of the levels represented.

Thanks to this remix, I find that such a fusion of tropes would make a really cool stage for a future Sonic game! An underwater haunt, how exciting!

…or lethal.

Speaking of colourful combinations, keep your ears peeled for Monday!

Found an interesting remix, cover, or original? Got a bit of music of your own you’d like to share with others? If so, then send over your findings/submissions to!

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  1. “An underwater haunt, how exciting!
    …or lethal.”

    Put in those ghosts from Sonic Adventure 2 (the ones that grab you and won’t let you move) and it will be plenty lethal. Drowning remix, anyone?

    Um, first?

  2. Aquarium Park and Mystic Mansion are my favorite stage themes from their respective games, by the way. 🙂

  3. Small correction: xTrickyWolfy is actually a female, not a dude. 😛 I’ve actually been talking with her about possibly joining SSMB for the 2012 music album.

    But anyway, yeah, pretty awesome stuff.

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