Update: Sonic Spotted in New Nike Shoes Advert & Hidden Game Found!

Update: No Sooner had we clicked the publish button on this, did SSMB member SonikkuForever discover that on Nike’s youtube page, there is a hidden Sonic game which is free to play.

Head over to this link, then at around two thirds of the way through the video, there will be an pitch advert with a shoe in the on it, click on the shoe to start “a rather polished Sonic 1 hack.”

Original Story: So over here in Europe, the Euro 2012 tournament will begin very soon, Euro 2012 is a football tournament involving most of the countries in Europe, typically it’s also a time when various sporting companies start advertising campaigns for various shoes and other football related products.

So you can imagine our surprise when one such advert pops up and Sonic happens to be in it! Video after the break.

SSMB memeber  TheBlueWind reported that his friend had spotted Sonic in a Nike Shoes advert, curious he did a bit of digging and found the advert on youtube, sure enough Sonic does indeed appear… for less than half a second, blink and you’ll miss it… no really, you will.


Spot him? At around 2:34 he pops up in a modified Sonic 1 title screen for about half a second.

The product itself is The Nike Mercurial Vapor football boot, for those who don’t know, is a lightweight football boot designed for strikers, it’s primary aim is to improve speed. Sega doing a deal with this brand would in many ways make sense.

Watching the advert again, there are moments when some shoes appear similar to those Sonic wears, but nothing exactly like it. The campaign is likely to intensify as the Euro 2012 competition draws closer and we might get some more clues as to what Sega’s involvement is with the campaign.

Since these shoes are going to be worn by ‘sports stars’ with any luck they’ll look awesome… and not like these custom made ones which you can buy for a rather silly price tag.

This is not the new shoe that's being advertised, it's an older shoe that's already been released.

Behold, SoNike the Hedgehog… whose skin is sliding off the side of his face.

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: TheBlueWind at SSMB & Lucky for reminding me of SoNike the hedgehog.

Very special thanks to: SonikkuForever for finding the hidden game.


  1. Recently bought the OTHER Son-Nikes. They’re alot better and pretty awesome, seeing as his face isnt melting! 😀

  2. Clicking on the thumbnail at the end will take you to a different video where you can find a Sonic Mini game.

  3. Screw the re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release of Sonic 1, when are we finally getting Sonic shoes? 😀

  4. The game is basically like the Sonic the Sketchog game on the iPod Touch but with music ripped from Sonic 4 and sprites ripped from Sonic 1.

  5. I can’t believe the things in this world that exist with Sonic on them.

    They made new sprites and everything.

  6. I can’t find it in the Nike version of the video, I found it in the YouTube version though.

    1. I played the game yes it was beta 8, so here are the things I like: tag moves, NO uncurling, some levels (not alot though), and gorgeous scenery
      Things I hate: soooooooooooooo many bottomless pits, hold right to win, jumps difficulties, music (most of it is pretty lame), and the boss battles drag on too long (especially both metal sonic battles), and nearly unchanged physics
      I can get past booster spam and bad spring placement, but man, some of the enemies
      So in some respects yes they evolved the graphics, but at least give us good music, the levels were way too easy and too difficult in the wrong spots
      So I give it a 6.5/10 or 2/5
      so IGN was pretty on point with that score

    1. Alright, I found it. For some reason, the video does not work in Firefox 8, but it does in Internet Explorer 7. o_O

      For anyone still looking for it, click the red and white shoe that appears in the background when the player is kicking the ball.

  7. It concerns me deeply that the gameplay was better in this than Ep2, no homing attack makes me happy.
    And it was more fun to play. Hire the Nike devs haha

  8. okay I was lost on this at first but YUSSS!!! This has my vote…Nice job. I thoroughly enjoyed that lol.

  9. Fun, Sonic shoes.
    It’s off the topic of nike (But still shoes), but I want to see the release of Sonic’s soap shoe from Sonic Adventure 2.

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