Sonic 4: Episode I Sold Best on PS3 on Consoles

SEGA Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough has revealed at the SEGA Forums that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I sold best on the PlayStation 3 platform on consoles. Xbox 360 came second and Wii last. The news is quite a twist when compared to retail Sonic titles, where Nintendo’s consoles usually come out on top. No information was given as to where PC and mobile platforms ranked.

Will the same happen for Episode II? Time will tell. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is out now on Steam in the UK, and will be released later today in other territories. The PSN version will also be released later today in the US, then Europe tomorrow. The Xbox Live Arcade version is due out worldwide tomorrow.

Source: SEGA Forums


  1. Well, these days the PS3 is selling better than the 360….not to mention that mostly all 360 fans are COD lovers(same for PS3) but at least the PS3 fans aren’t all about that. The PS3 version will most likely sell better, again.

    And I thought the 360 version comes out Wednesday? Oh wait, I forgot, this website is a day ahead of where I live. 😛

    See you guys online~

      1. 1am?? Wow, how do you have enough energy to stay awake that long? :O Or am I just reading the time wrong? Lol.

    1. Well, most PS3ians are casual gamers (and LBP nuts like me) making it the best platform for sonic games

      XBOX sells only because of cod (though it is plain garbage)

      And most gamers just hate the wii for no reason beside “the graphics aren’t pretty, I don’t want to exercise and there is no good cod”

      I like all 3

  2. oh the anxiety :O lolz….so can’t wait…won’t be bored the rest of this week…well not much stuff to do but lack of motivation on some lolz.

  3. And I helped!

    Okay, I split the cost with a friend and then activated a copy on his PS3. Still…

  4. When does it come out for iOS? SEGA just said May 2012, but never said an exact date! I’m so ready to play it! Why SEGA?! At least let the iOS people get it this month. Patiently waiting.

    P.S. SEGA keeps autocorrecting to Swag. Just saying…

  5. The Wii version was just too expensive, while the PSN and XBLA version gradually reduced in price.

    Gotta consider price cuts and your DL game pricing in general Nintendo and Sega (I say Sega too, because they charge silly prices for their Arcade titles)

  6. No wonder ther’s no Wii version of Episode II. I’d imagine it sold less because less Wii owners are connected to the internet and download games.

  7. Not a surprise that the easiest console to pirate on sold least and the hardest sold most.

  8. glad that i helped ^_^ but i still rated it 4 stars on the playstation store and now i will do the same on episode 2 and maybe rated it better.

    1. It’s 2012 and you still don’t understand that digital stores update at different times? If PSN had an exclusivity agreement, don’t you think the European PSN would have got it before Xbox Live ,too?? US PS Store updates on a Tuesday every week, while the Xbox Live Marketplace updates every Wednesday, as does the EU PS Store.

      Besides, you’re wrong. Steam on PC got it first at midnight on Tuesday, as soon as the day began.

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