UPDATE: Download Sonic 4: Episode 2 Full Game & Demo from the US PSN!

Hey America! Is this yours? I found it on your PSN just sitting there.

UPDATE!!: There is also a Sonic 4: Episode 2 Demo on the US PSN which can be downloaded by anyone with US PSN account for free! That means even if you do not live in the US, use a US Playstation 3 or have even said ‘how do you do’ to someone from the US, you can download the demo right now for free! All you need is a US PSN account and 3 min to make one. That’s it.

Original Story: I thought some of you might like to know that Sonic 4 Episode 2: Can now be downloaded from the US PSN, at the time of writing the store has not fully updated, but the game is there.To find it, use the ‘search bar’ and type ‘Sonic 4’ you will see the listing for ‘Sonic 4: Episode 2’ a few options down.

The game is priced at $14.99 and can be downloaded now, this isn’t a leak, it is the final game, it’s just that Sony slowly adds content to the store and then does the ‘full update’ which changes the ‘new this week’ listings at a later time. It is the final game and you can download it right now… Like this second… as you’re reading.


  1. And we Xbox suckers have to wait another 24 plus hours depending on when Microsoft decides to update.

    1. If we’re lucky then S4 EP2 should be on XBLA by 7:00 AM – 9:00AM. When I was waiting for S4 EP1 it was available around 7:00AM.

      1. That makes me happy- But the sonic generations demo didn’t come out til around 3 PM. (Texas time)

    2. I know right D: well thats ok I’ll come home tomorrow to download it oh and remember this xbox live never got hacked and when it did we only lost it for a day maybe 2. Psn was offline for 3 months, so rememberto be grateful for that at least ^^ ps i’m still jealous of playstation exclusive games

  2. @Jonah

    The EU PSN suckers (like me) have to wait until tomorrow as well. I feel your pain!

  3. If you look on STEAM right now, its on the Steam Store page aswell! It says “now available – Sonic 4 Episode 2”. Its priced at £9.99

  4. Already downloading!

    Sad to see that the Sonic 4 episode 2 avatars aren’t on the US psn store… I guess they were a EU exclusive. =/

  5. Just for the record, the demo consists solely of White Park Act 1. And there’s a time limit for it; two minutes, to be exact. And you can’t even finish the level, as once you get past the final snowboarding part, it automatically cuts off.

    Have fun!

    1. seriously 🙁 Now I wonder how the xbox version will be was the ep. 1 demo that same way on psn

  6. What time does the PS Store normally update in Europe? I can’t be bothered with hours of refreshing…

    1. Apparently it’s at 5/6pm, but I usually find whatever I want after 10am on Thursdays, even after the supposed revamp.

  7. The story is short like Ep1…. but holy f**king crap, this game is fun!
    – Physics feel MUCH better
    – Tails is REALLY useful
    – Good frame rate
    – ALL the boss battles are actually a good challenge at first fight
    – Metal Sonic’s boss theme is without a doubt the most catchiest song on the game.

    Last level is a total mindtrip too. lol

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly dude; the game is amazing. I liked episode one, but it felt like it needed more time. The only thing I wish they did was remove that stupid auto-accellerate jump dash.

      1. Yeah but you have to admit it is useful when you DO need it. Lol
        If theres any problem that I wish to address about the game, it would be that it lags quite a bit on online co-op. Other than that the game is extremely well done in my opinion besides a few little personal nitpicks. 9/10

        1. Ya, that’s true. Really, I think it mostly works out for the pro’s doing speed runs. I’m still trying to learn the level maps so I find it to be a hindrance. Sometimes I end up crashing into something at mach speed because I pro-dashed. It actually feels like Sega may have powered up its effect more in this one than Episode One. I remember it being TOTALLY outrageous and then them toning it down quite significantly. I guess it got a bit stronger for this game.

          I haven’t play online yet, but I plan too. What’s your PSN Tag? I’m XprS

    2. Tails can be annoying, when I was drowning an air bubble came up but he got it and I drowned! It’s Sonic 2 and 3 all over again!

  8. Oh, and if i know my sonic music right, there’s a little surprise in the track for White Park Act 2… lol

  9. is anyone having this problem with downloaded sonic games on xbox live where some of the sound effects are missing like on sonic 4 episode 1 when i collect three rings you only hear the sound effect for two same with sonic 2 and sonic 3 and knuckles (live arcade versions) but with my disc based sonic games it sounds is fine

    1. I think it has something to do with your TV speakers.. I was in the bath tub the other day with my 360 plugged into an old TV, same thing happened

  10. Had a quick blast on EP1 and CD whilst EP2 was downloading. Of course the last thing I played just before starting EP2 was Stardust Speedway Act 3 on Time Attack…

  11. Just beat the bad ending of Episode II and MAN! What an adventure! The graphics and look are FANTASTIC on my HD TV, the cutscenes and story telling was magnificent, Tails was fun to spam and really useful unlike Sonic 2 where he fucks everything up, and the physics, while not perfect, are SO damn close to the Genesis… closer than Sonic Generations. I still haven’t tried out the multiplayer, online modes, or Episode Metal… and I still gotta collect the over-sized emeralds… but as of now, the game is fantastic, and it took me 4 hours to beat which is 4x as long as Episode I… definitely worth 15 bucks… the only problem I have with the game is the level design which not only has the retardness of Episode I’s level design, but is just plain out CHEAP! (I’m looking at you stairs of shooting Cluckers in Sky Fortress!) I mean, yeah, you can spam Tails, but there are several times where you CAN’T and you gotta sit there and die…. other than that, fantastic… stunning even…. and the level themes are gorgeous too…. please pick it up, for those who haven’t.

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