SEGA Holding Art Contest for S&ASRT

SEGA has announced via their blog that they are looking for 10 pieces of Jet Set Radio-inspired artwork (though SEGA-related artwork will be considered) to be used in the Jet Set Radio Future level of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The main prohibitions of the contest are that you must be over 18 and live in either the United States, Canada or United Kingdom to enter. There are plenty more rules and regulations for the contest though, so be sure to read them before entering!


  1. “The main prohibitions of the contest are that you must be over 18”

    Oh that’s neat, may as well give it a sho–

    “and live in either the United States, Canada or United Kingdom to enter”

    ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)


  2. I’ll skip this one, I rather do fan Art for a Ristar or House of the Dead stage.

  3. 18 or over to enter?! we have talented under 18’s in the country and they are being discriminated for thier age?! for shame SEGA, for shame

    1. Yeah! Especially after the Sonic CD art contest where the accepted 12 year olds and up, what the hell happened here?

  4. I just realized Transformed has jet grind radio Beat. Last game had jet set radio future beat.

    1. And SEGA All Stars Tenis had the same Beat as this one. Least he doesn’t look awkward now.

    2. HUH! I just noticed this too! It is kind of confusing, switching back and forth. But, maybe it was easiler to work with Future stuff in the last game because it was more up to date. Though, actually, maybe it’s BECAUSE Jet Grind Radio version is coming to the PSN that they used this version. Either way, awesome…!!

  5. Artwork from fans have been put in Sonic games?? I don’t not believe it, but I just wanna see some proof :O

  6. …Hey look, I can enter!

    …*Looks at title, which is “ART Contest”*

    ………Where is a table? I need to flip one >.>

  7. Fuck! Why must I be over 18? Eh, even then, I dunno much at all about Jet Set Radio.

  8. I got a better question than the age issue: How are you supposed to enter SEGA-related art if you can’t feature any of the characters associated with the company? I guess they really just want to stress JGR Graffiti style and not just any piece of fan-art. I wonder if referencing systems like a Dreamcast can be used a loophole?

  9. 18 and over? That’s a bit steep…it should’ve been at least 16+

    I’m 18 anyway, I’m good at drawing characters…landscapes, not so much.

  10. Hmm…the age limit thing got me thinking and this brings back to why they’re stressing just Graff art: They’re not looking for just any artists, they’re looking to lure in any amateur or professional graff artists who just so happens to love Jet Set Radio, maybe even ones who previously contributed art via the custom graffiti option. And according to statistics, most graff artists tend to be around 18. Don’t quote me on this though, that’s just counting the ones who are known and there are hundreds of younger taggers out there.

    To summarize my theory: SEGA is trying to lure a certain type of artist via a contest so they can hype up the HD Re-release of Jet Set Radio, and it’s not exactly meant for the general public or the majority of the Sonic Fanbase which tends to skew toward a younger crowd.

    And that’s my 2 cents.

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