Pix’n Love: English History of Sonic WILL be Published

French book publisher Pix’n Love has contacted us to announce that the English version of The History of Sonic will be published, and made available “at the end of June.” Just in time for the blue blur’s birthday!

The company has also responded to reports that customers were not yet getting their orders on the original French book dispatched. “The book is indeed available on the French Pix’n Love website,” company spokesperson Olivier Braillon told TSS. “Orders have started being dispatched on Monday and the Pix’n Love team is working day and night to send all the orders placed (and there were many!). So if some readers haven’t received their order yet, it is entirely normal.

“Moreover, Tuesday was a bank holiday in France so most orders should arrive on Thursday in France and by the beginning of next week for all worldwide shipments.”

Pix’n Love is also not disappointed by sales of the History of Nintendo vol 2 book, according to Olivier. “It started slow but we’re very happy with how well it sells right now. We are still a very small company so financially speaking, each book we publish is a risky gamble as we invest the profits made by the previous book.

“Before launching the History of Sonic, we wanted to give volume 2 enough “space” before focusing on something as huge as the Sonic book.” Previously, it was claimed that the company had said on its Facebook page that it was holding off on the Sonic book due to ‘disappointing’ sales of the Nintendo publication. This seems to not be the case.

“There were indeed a few setbacks with the release of the English version [of The History of Sonic], but I am very pleased to confirm that the book WILL be published and it should be available at the end of June,” Olivier said.

“We did receive a lot of support and many requests for the English version of the History of Sonic, so we also would like to publicly thank all your readers and all the Sonic fans for their support. That’s why we’re very happy to confirm the publication of the book.”

Rejoice! We’ll be keeping a very close eye on the book’s English release – we’ll let you know exactly when the book hits. Stay tuned!

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      1. The moment I read this article’s title, Barry, for some reason, I pictured you either giggling like a little girl or peeing in your pants – out of happiness, of course…

        I hope I didn’t offend anyone, ’cause I know I might have (offended) but I just came out of the bathroom, otherwise I would’ve (peed). Cheers! 😀

  1. Awesome news! So looking forward to this! Great job on making sure they knew there was a great want/need for this book to go ahead in English by the fans too 😀 Can’t wait to pre-order me one when they start taking them. Who knows maybe I’ll pick up their English Nintendo volumes at the same time. Video Game History is actually quite an interesting topic overall 🙂

  2. GR8!!!! Just in time for my bday too! Now I know a present which I am going to get! :D:D

  3. How can we go about ordering this? will you guys be giving us (me!) the info?

  4. If Sonic Generations is half-way through the book, what does the second half consist of?

    1. I guess Generations will only show if there is something related to the topic.

  5. YESSS!!!! I will be picking this up and I hope that the book has good coverage of Sonic, plenty of concept art, and does not disappoint. I saw that preview video you, TSS posted, and it looked pretty good!

  6. Yay! This is great news! I’ll be picking this up for sure when it becomes available. There goes more of my money… : )

  7. See!All of us KNEW that Sonic could destroy Game & Watch through popularity.

  8. Hi guys!

    Yes, the book will be available in the US. We are working out a deal with a major retailer so you can buy it in bookstores all over the country (US and UK). As soon as the official confirmation is available, I’ll make sure you’re the first ones to know.

  9. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!!!! Super happy right now!!!! ^_^

  10. Well this looks like something that is gonna be worth my money. Gotta start saving up then, but there is so much I wanna get. This might be on the top of my list.

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