[UPDATE] New S&ASRT Gameplay Footage Featured in This Week’s PS Access Episode


UPDATE: We now have the footage for you above, courtesy of SSMB member Rawrdom.

Sony has snagged some exclusive gameplay footage of the newly announced title Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for their free UK downloadable show PlayStation Access. In Episode 32 released on the PlayStation Store today, you can check out about 25 seconds of new gameplay footage from the Panzer Dragoon themed track. Sumo Digital’s Joe Neate also speaks briefly on the show.


  1. So wait, the trailer we already saw was part of the episode? I’m confused…

    1. No. There is some new gameplay footage featured in the episode. If you have a PS3 or PS Vita, go download it and see 🙂

      Oh crap. I see what you mean. I accidentally posted the trailer instead of the PS Access episode preview lol! Sorry. It’s late here and I’m half asleep :p

      EDIT 2:
      Fixed. Preview video is in the post now.

  2. Well. . . It was like 95% some random “realistic” shooter game and about 5% Sonic. . . Is that what’s popular nowdays? Really? Some new generic shooter outranks a gaming legend and a media icon? -_o

    1. Don’t act like you’re suprised, and if you really are.. Where have you been the last like 7 years ._. Fucking gaming companies.

    2. Considering that arcade-style games have taken a beating up there next to PC-style games like FPS games, i’m proud of that 5% and Sonic in general for not dissapearing like most of the would-be legends of his day.

      For that much, if there’s ever balance again, Sonic will be certainly be rewarded for surviving.

    3. That video wasn’t the whole show, it was a preview, as explained in the article. The full episode has a slot for the game that lasts about 30 seconds with new gameplay footage.

      1. yeah but with 10 of those seconds taken up by the games journalist showing everyone what a big girl she is by pronouncing the title of the game missing key important stuff like asking questions such as “How high up will players be able to travel is there a limit?” and other questions on the game itself. The gameplay of the Panzer Dragoon track looks stunning not quite sky sanctuary levels yet but quickly getting there and I’m certain the tracks will be less barren and empty looking once the actual racing is taking place with the track changes. I am however loving what seems to be a more recent build with the newer weapons as well as the particle effect on those yellow all-star-stars.

  3. Goodness. I’m stuck deciding now.

    I’ve had my eye on Mario Kart 7 for a while now, but held off. Then just as I am about to get it, this comes along. Do you guys think I should just get this game knead when it comes out? It’s looking great already, taking elements from MK7 and expanding on them.

  4. Can I see the episode? The website is down…
    Anyways… in some screenshots, I could have sworn I saw Silver and Rouge!!

    1. Me too it seems silver’s car (in flying form anyway) looks like a lotus flower with a greenyblue psychokinetic haze. Found during the flying section in the first trailer ahed of eggman in the distance

    2. The episode is only available on the UK PSN for download to a PS3 or PS Vita. No one has put it online on YouTube or anywhere yet.

  5. *sighs* Generic first-person shooter is generic. XD I mean, jeez, how in hell are these more popular than Sonic as a franchise? I mean, sometimes it’s good, but it’s the same generic backdrop, the same boring short-brown-haired character, and the same gameplay, at least Sonic changes it up, but no… 😀 Well, at least this is opinion based, but still…

  6. land, sea and air? MARIO KART 7 FANDOM (except the sea part which looks like you can drive on it)

  7. The ability to use cars, planes, and boats reminds me of Diddy Kong Racing (one of my most favorite racing games of all time) somewhat. Of course, this is much better. 🙂

  8. Uh, lady?

    Didn’t you notice that “SEGA” was dropped from the title? …Can’t blame you though. It sounds better with it in.

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