Merch Collector Claims “My Statue melted on a warm day”

In January of this year, Jazwares released a rather awesome looking Sonic Generations statue. It was so awesome in fact that many collectors living outside of America decided to import it. The statue is a nice collectible… however, if one collector is right, it has a bit of a problem and depending how your statue is currently displayed you might want to take action.

Up until very recently here in the UK, it’s been quite cool. That however changed last week when for nearly seven consecutive days the UK had seen temperatures hit 22-25(oC) (outside) indoors it’s been even hotter. Basically, as we say here in Yorkshire… it’s been “chuffin hot.” I should point out, temperatures here in the UK can and do get hotter than that, last October for instance, temperatures were at one point hit 29(oC).

Why am I going on about the weather? Well, according to one Sonic merch collector, it seems that when the temperatures reach a specific point for a long period of time, Jazwares’ Sonic Generations statue starts to melt… literally.

Now before I continue, lets just state right now, we’ve not been able to test this ourselves, because we don’t want to destroy our own collectible’s and so far we’ve only had one case. So this might just be a one off isolated case. But just to be on the safe side you might want to move your statue if it’s in direct sunlight, especially as the warmer weather is approaching.

SSMB user -Mark- reported that his Sonic Generations statue has suffered damage due to the high temperatures we’ve had in the UK recently. He recently imported the statue at the start of April, where he took and posted photos of it. Originally, the statue looked like this…

However, following last week, the statue now looks like this…

Uh oh! That’s not supposed to happen! Whilst -Mark- couldn’t confirm what temperature his room got when the statue melted, he did say this…

 “it’s just been kept on a shelf, out of any contact with sunlight (it’s impossible for it to be in sunlight where I keep it, I dread to think how bad it would be if it were).”

Thinking about how hot my own room gets if I don’t open the window, I can imagine how hot it would be if temperatures outside were at 23-25 all day long. But what is quite shocking is how this statue has just melted, and remember this is not the highest point that temperatures in the UK typically get.

Again, we stress that right now this is the only statue we’ve heard of and seen which has melted. But better be on the safe side and let you all know that these statues may not have a high heat tolerances. If you do have a statue on display in your room, I would definitely consider moving it out of direct sunlight and possibly into a cooler area of your room or else you might come home and discover Classic Sonic has gone the way of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Checking my own statue, it has not been damaged, but if your statue is slowly wilting in the heat. Feel free to send a photo of it to me ( and I’ll do a follow up story, take this mainly as a bit of a heads up more than anything since the temperatures are only set to get hotter over the next month or so. But again, we stress. So far this appears to be a one off. Do not panic and stick your statue in the fridge… or your entire Sonic collection in the fridge.. … … do not place Sonic in a fridge. Or the freezer!

Source & Photos: -Mark- from SSMB.

Headline photo from Sega Bits (Barry the Nomad).

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  1. it’s most likely the glue that connects his legs with his body has melted (from what I can see in the picture at least)
    I’d find it extremely unlikely that a plastic figure would melt from just warm/hot weather, however, glue can.

    1. Very good point, I’m *pun not intended* leaning towards the theory that the heat has affected the stress points of the statue, but if the glue has indeed been affected, it would be an idea to place it out of direct sunlight anyway.

  2. Same thing happened with mine. It wasn’t even by a window or anything. I’m guessing it has something to do with the weight of the figure and its skinny legs not being good enough support.

  3. Which Sonic will melt faster?!

    -My bet is on Modern Sonic! >:)

    I know what happened, both Sonics were running a marathon and Classic Sonic got tired too easily. You know what they say, the bigger you are, the faster you fall! XD

  4. The Head of my 10-Inch Jazwares Metal Sonic figure has melted in the past, too. I’m surprised that other people have experienced this aswell, must be the cheap plastic 0r something.

  5. I guess Sonic….

    *puts on sunglasses*

    …is warming up the occasion.


  6. Looks like that Sonic statue…
    …could feel the sunshine.

    1. Damn. It really blows to hear a lot of you guys had this issue. I would be pissed as all hell. Jazwares should really be held accountable for this… To make things worse, it’s not the first report of their figures breaking.

      I didn’t open mine yet and I won’t be doing so after reading this. Thank you for the article.

  7. Looks like Sonic isn’t feeling too hot. Or maybe he’s feeling a little too hot?

  8. Speaking of Sonic figures, who wishes that the Nendoroid wil come to Sonic Merchandise USA? (I am aware that this is off-topic)

  9. I’ve seen a few of these in Toys R Us that had melted in just the same way. Also, I’ve come across about 20 of these on TRU shelves and every single one had that crack across modern sonic’s chest that you see pretty noticeably in the 3rd picture here.

    Needless to say I didn’t buy this statue. I have all their 3 inch figures, but the quality on this thing is horrible. Too bad, cuz the sculpt is really cool o_0

  10. If Classic Sonic melted, then how come his future self, Modern Sonic, is alright? PARADOX!

  11. OMG, this happened to mine! I woke up one morning and Classic Sonic was tipped over, really. I had to put the little plastic things you find in the box underneath them

  12. It’s good to remember that almost all jazzwares figures have a problem of melting, not figure itself, but its painting… The painting of the figures melt and drains a little. Like the white part of the eyes area, for example.

    1. Or the they just don’t wait very much for the paint to dry and insert them immediately into the packages, don’t know…

  13. I wouldn’t really call that melting, the legs are just buckling because of the figures being top-heavy. This almost happened to my statue; The day after I got mine the Sonics started to limp to the side, so I just stuck the clear plastic piece back under them and they’re fine. Granted I’m sure the heat helped speed up the process, but it’s not the sole culprit. I really do recommend keeping the clear plastic pieces under the figures.

  14. I have one of these statues, and the same exact thing happened to it. Both figures of Sonic are now leaning badly, and it has steadily been getting worse. If you get one of these statues, it’s probably better to just leave it in the box.

  15. hmm damn I’m not lucky enough to own this puppy yet but I will keep that in mind…here where I live…well last summer we had a day where around here it reached 41’C and that my friend…we haven’t had heat like that since the early 1990’s. I will never forget that day cause I was helping a friend remove his old home in that heat…I thought I was gonna die in that shit. This year though the heat is already on…we’ve touched that exactly what you’ve stated above in this story and even higher yesterday plus when you add in the humidity…look out steam bath city.

  16. Trust me, this is not an isolated incident as the exact same thing happened to me and it has NOTHING to do with how hot it is. My little statue was at room temperature and within two days the Sonic’s started bending this way and that. It’s the damn thin knees made of soft plastic! Jazwares should be held accountable for making something so shoddy. This is absolutely pathetic!

  17. Same thing happening to mines. In fact, the Classic Sonic figure ledned to the side within a week. I ended up using toothpicks on the Classic Sonic one (may need to use one for the Modern as that’s going bad too). It’s basically their toy plastic material they used to make the statue so I’m really not that surprised. Plus, it is very top heavy. I guess this just helps explain why there isn’t that much normal, solid statues doing extreme poses like this one.

  18. This somehow would bring to mind that Rocko’s Modern Life episode “Junk Junkies.” Heffer contributed with a Melted G.I. Jimbo action figure, and the only guy who noticed it was a SPEECHLESS Nerd who paid $500 for it, enough to pay off that debt to Pizza Face Pizza! Of course, had Rocko rejected the offer for $200 for his old pogo stick, he would’ve been rich enough to buy a NEW Set of furniture.

  19. Same thing happened to me when it reached 90 degrees out.

    It actually happened when it was cooler out, but not as badly as it did this week. I used the clear rubber bands from the box to pull them back to their original state. Think I’ll check tonight to see if I kept the plastic bits from the package and stick those back on.


    the same happened to mine back in early march, and my statue is out of direct sunlight too. its just poor quality plastic which warps.

    I ended up “glueing” one of sonic’s back spikes to his boot and its kept him upright since. However, Modern sonic is now leaning to the opposite side, unstead of staying upright!! I’ve had to put string around his head and tie him to classic sonic in order to keep him upright! If I take the string off, he remains upright for a day or two and then goes on a slant again! (i can provide photos of this!!)

    I emailed Jazzwares with photos – about it who said they would send me a replacement from Florida – BUT only if i paid for postage, and they would only use FedEx or UPS. I set up a FedEx account and the cheapest quote I could fron from them for shipping this replacement to the UK was $82.99 (or roughly about 45-50 Pounds).

    Sod that, on ebay they are still going for the 20-25 pounds price. I told them this and that was that, either pay the postage or no replacment!!

    Lovelly statue, VERY poor quality – have not ordered another yet

    1. First we get pictures of destroyed statues! Then! We take over the city! *evil laughter*

  21. Hey I live in the U.S. and I got this at ToysRus and it was normal, but after awhile I noticed that it looks EXACTLY like the last pictures. But it’s mostly Classic sonic since he almost touches the ground.

  22. I personally was expecting the statues to be a lot more “melted than they seem to be (which is just the supports failing.)

    Also, my bad for my previous post above. I thought I mis-replied to the wrong guy, but it just is a matter of the reply system being kinda weird and stuff. Sorry for the “double pun fail”. 😛

  23. That temperture isn’t hot for where I live, it get’s up to 40 degrees C. Well I country is mostly desert.

  24. PVC figures (like this statue) tend to “lean” over time, primarily due to gravity slowly warping the plastic. The fact that Sonic has a fat heavy body and thin noodly legs doesn’t help this issue. I don’t think heat is the culprit here because PVC won’t start to “melt” unless it’s exposed to temperatures at least 60 degrees Celsius. The plastic will start to degrade if exposed to UV rays, so I would still keep it out of direct sunlight, but summer heat will not melt a statue. Still, to prevent a PVC figure from decomposing, it’s been recommended to pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes every few months. And to fix a “melted” statue, you can dip the warped portion into some warm water, gently bend it back into shape, and let it cool. This is a common problem with collectible figurines, even from top-notch manufacturers. You can do some research on PVC warping to find more tips.

  25. I had a very rare piece of Sonic merchandise that melted in the sun, too! 🙁 At least the gumball eyes were intact.

  26. This is like to burn money.
    Jazzware, I think your awesome figures are not so valuable, more like cheap chinese plastic quality sell for gold prize.

  27. Oh god. No! * grabs all my Sonic figures and throws them into the freezer*

  28. OMG! that evil heat wave >.< it too hot to handle maybe it should better to place it somewhere cooler/colder (did Dr.Robotnik/Dr.Eggman changes the weather using on of his weather machine creations? "what-if moments" we need lots of rains and strong breeze to cool down dude!!! :O

  29. This looks to be normal, like someone else said my statue looked like this within a week, its just cheaply made and the legs don’t support the rest of the body so both sonics ended up leaning exactly like in the picture. I tried to manually bend them back in place but I ended up breaking it and throwing it out, wish more thought went into how this thing was made.

  30. I confirm that I will make a week this has happened, a resident of Spain in Andalusia, my figure was worse than the picture … I had to throw it, had no basis, and will not buy more figures and Sonic … I feel ripped off, on top was not well done.

  31. I confirm that I will make a week this has happened, a resident of Spain in Andalucia, my figure was worse than the picture … I had to throw it, had no basis, and will not buy more figures and Sonic … I feel ripped off, on top was not well done.

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