Meccano Shows Off ASRT Toys & Confirms Green Hill Zone?


You might remember how we’ve previously brought you news about Meccano making toys based on All Stars Racing 2 (back before we knew it’s official title)? Well Meccano have finally released a number of images based on their newly acquired Sonic license… and my oh my they look lovely.

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Whilst they’re quite clearly concept images for what the toys might look like, from what  the initial concept shows, they look pretty good, not to mention that the play-set is well detailed and with the inclusion of the ramp and the small clip at the bottom, it suggests that someone could join up additional play-sets to make a full race course with additional zones.

What is interesting about this reveal is that it also shows off a Green Hill Course which has yet to be officially announced by either Sega or Sumo Digital, now why would they make a Green Hill Track unless there was one in the game eh?

The facebook reveal only show Sonic, Knuckles and the Green Hill Zone, we suspect that there are other play-sets coming from the toy maker as back in March we brought you news that several listing of additional Zones (including Chemical Plant) were discovered on The reveal of the Green Hill zone toy would suggest that these listings are indeed accurate and those tracks will indeed be featured in the game in some way.

No details on the prices or release dates for the figures yet. However, Meccano are due to show off the Sonic toys at the Toymaster Toy Fair next week so we might have more news for you then.

Source: Meccano’s Facebook.

As usual Blue Believers, stay tuned to TSS for further updates.

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  1. It really doesn’t confirm anything. The tracks don’t have to be in the game, but just chosen for the toys because they’re well known, and just uses the ASR name for the characters and cars.

    But, if Green Hill is in ASR that would suck very much.

    1. Actually, I notice they’re using ASR1 vehicles and I don’t see them saying these toys are specifically for ASRT, just “Fab fun new range of Sonic The Hedgehog models and playsets”, so the name might not even be on them.

    2. Why? I mean,it’s the level that started it all.So why wouldn’t they use it?

    3. That would suck? Man that’s stupid. Sure they bring it back a lot but wtf is wrong with that? If you ask me, it sort’ve helps make the different games feel like they’re part of the same world. And we don’t explore the same parts of Green Hill over and over we get new tracks/routes/paths. And the reinvisioning helps create new stages while molding it with the Sonicy style.

      1. If I had a dollar for every time they remade green hill zone, I would still have 5 times as much if I had a dollar for every official Nintendo remix of the original Super Mario Bros. song. Seriously, Green Hill isn’t half as milked as the original Mario.

        1. The only level I’m aware that you can actually milk is Moo Moo Farm >.>’

          …I’m so sorry.

          1. Mario is irrelevant.

            Green Hill would suck, because we had it in SST and Generations and had it’s twin in ASR. I’m not interested at all in seeing it again already. I would be just as annoyed with Chemical Plan and Casino Night/Street. Seeing levels we haven’t seen just recently remade be remade for this would be far more interesting and exciting.

    4. What did you expect? That they reuse Seaside Hill, instead? or how about Angel Island Zone, complete with a section of the racetrack on FIRE?

  2. Look pretty cool, i’d consider getting them!
    I can understand the disappointment with seeing Green Hill again, but at the same time i really don’t mind. Chemical plant will be fun to race through with the boats 😀 i wonder if that also means they will use sky sanctuary and casino night, as they were both already in Generations so its just re-using all the textures and stuff? I dunno, but Sky Sanctuary would also be really fun with the planes!

  3. Weren’t there other toys posted a while back that claimed to “Confirm Chemical Plant and other zone”?

    And I’m sure there would have been a Green Hill Zone toy either way, since it is pretty much tied to Sonic.

  4. What’s with the holes on the stage? 😮
    Looks pretty neat, you could always use the stage to display other stuff on 🙂

    1. It’s part of Meccanos design, they’re a construction based toy, the holes there are likely for extra pieces of if you had additional kits you could customise the track however you wanted.

  5. You know, I’d like to see Ice Cap Zone be in an ASR game. Or City Escape. lol

    I’m suprised Speed Highway or Radical Highway haven’t yet. lol

    Well, this is for the Sonic section of course. It’s just the other franchises don’t have as much variety for me to think of what I’d want. lol

    1. I’m actually hoping one of the main levels with highways makes it as a track.
      i.e.; Speed Highway, Radical Highway, Central City, Night Chase, Crisis City, Empire City

  6. I REALLY have no problem with this, in only because that outside of the actual track in the game, this officially means we have a Green Hill Zone playset now for our figures! How can you not love that?!

  7. Hnnnng… Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant… I get the bad feeling that the Generations list is returning for stages… it’s not necessarily a problem, but we want those other stages that deserve to be brought back… like those we wished for Generations DLC, such as these:
    Star Light Zone
    (Casino Night was already the secondary Sonic 2 level and it was added so…)
    Ice Cap Zone
    Twinkle Park
    Final Rush/Chase
    Egg Fleet (not Final Fortress, Egg Fleet… there are differences…)
    Kingdom Valley
    Cool Edge
    Starlight Carnival

    I dunno, those were secondary stages I wanted, and MANY people I know agree that these are the secondary memorable places (not counting the 3DS Generations stages.) The three I’d like are Ice Cap, Final Rush, and Starlight Carnival… but eh, tell me your opinions… I mean, even if the rumor of Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone is real, I don’t mind, just, I feel small disappointment.

  8. Why not Emerald Hill, Angel Island, Mushroom Hill, Palmtree Panic, Splash Hill or Sylvania Castle?

    ENOUGH of Green Hill! That zone has been used to death. Leave it alone. There are plenty of better zones they could use.

    1. Wait? It was first used in Sonic 1, then it took a holiday until SA2:battle came out. Then I think the last time it appeared was All Stars Tennis, then it came back for generations, thats not that many when you think about it. Heck we’ve had more Death Eggs than we have Green Hills.

      1. Don’t forget Drift, Blast, Battle, Smash Bros, Chronicles, and it was like a special guest on Samba De Amigo and Sega Splash Golf. That along with the Sonic 16 and 8 bit, SA2B, All Stars Tennis, and Generation out numbers the Death Eggs ^^;

      2. No dude… trust me, there were a LOT more games than those that contained Green Hill Zone. But even then, I guess I’m okay with it being in the game even if it was used to death… I mean, Super Mario Bros. 1-1’s music and stage were used SEVERAL times but nobody complained, and I’m not really complaining… but on the other hand, it would be cool to see Palmtree Panic Zone, Angel Island Zone, or Sylvainia Castle Zone in a full 3D map format.

  9. As much as I would kind of like to see other levels get a shot instead of Green Hill Zone, I would be very curious to see how Sumo Digital designs GHZ, to incorporate flying and boating portions. I think it has potential, that’s for sure.

  10. Green Hill, pretty sure it’ll be pretty awesome. I hope Chemical Plant gets in, I’d love to see Chemical Plant Zone in the game. 😀

  11. I’m wondering why Speed Highway or Ratical Highway aren’t there. It’d be awesome to actually RACE through Speed Highway.

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