Mash-Up Monday: Lazy Disco Plant Zone

…or, alternatively, Sonic the Hedgehog meets Skrillex for the weekly Mash-Up Monday! Sonic 2‘s Chemical Plant Zone clashes with the famed dubstep artist’s “Disco Rangers” and “Lazy Eye” tracks. Quite the piece of ear-candy!


Special thanks to Jack Roletter for the find!

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  1. Its okay, but its gets kinda annoying in the middle when the disco stuff comes on :/

  2. Skrillex actually borrows a riff from Chemical Plant Zone in the original Disco Rangers track.

  3. So someone mixed music and noise. Horrible, ear-grating noise. Way to ruin Chemical Plant, “cheeseburgachapstick”

  4. Do not want!

    Skrillex doesn’t fit into the Sonic-verse. At all.
    Sonic is the 90’s. Skrillex does everything he can to sound like the 80’s. Would fit more with Shadow, actually.

  5. Hmmmm it is rather strange.
    Imagine if this was the actual chemical plant music.(lol)

  6. I love this mash-up! Its hard to believe that dubstep actually worked with something!

  7. This really doesn’t work too well, all they did was to overlay the music on top of one another, and the result is noise. I know a lot of people would class the whole dubstep genre as noise, but there is a structure to it which is needed for the creation of music. Instead of overlaying the tracks they should have splice them together, only using the Skrillex material for the drop.

  8. Pretty good apart from the Dubstep mess in the middle. Damns kids.

    Get off my lawn!

  9. Just heard the original, and yup. Totally riffing on Chemical Plant (just different enough not to get sued I suspect).

  10. I know this is kinda late, but there’s a flaw in the article.

    Lazy Eye is the nickname of the guy who made this mash-up, he only used two songs (disco rangers and chemical plant)

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