Freak-Out Friday: Sonikku in a Dress!

What do you get when you combine a Sonic Nendoroid and a questionable imagination?



You’re welcome for the nightmares!

Stay tuned for more Nendoroid shenanigans on TSS this weekend!

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  1. Sonadow fans here’s your bone…come get it “whistle” “whistle”! 😉

      1. Usually, when a fan likes SonicXShadow, Sonic is portrayed as the feminine one of the pair.

        This is bait for those who like feminine Sonic in general, which would include said Sonadow fans.

    1. sorry I couldn’t help it…yea I know this has nothing to do with sonic & shadow but RULE #34 does apply here! I spend waaaayyy to much time on Deviantart XD

  2. Nightmares? Why, I’m sure there are at least 10 fanfictions with something like this.

    1. And if there aren’t 10, there will be after the fanfic writers see this.

      1. Jeff’s just so eager to get his stories on the site he doesn’t care he’s in Canada…

  3. Gosh! I wonder if he’ll say yes to the dress!

    It’s weird cuz Roger’s said that line by request before. First half as Sonic, second as Ezio.
    He’s also voiced Sonic saying Baldy-McNosehair would look dead sexy in a mini-skirt. I guess he thought he’d look dead sexy in a mini-skirt too. o:
    (Wait, didn’t that line start with Vic Mignogna???)

  4. This is not something I needed to see before heading off to bed. Thanks for the nightmare indeed Vizard.

  5. No comment, even though I think someone’s overthought Sonic’s sexuality gone a few blocks too fast for the creator’s forebrain to ask the question, “WT* am I doing?!?!!?”

  6. The is outfit is cute but on Sonic…I think I lost a bit of my sanity


    And people are talking about…SONADOW?! *has another laughing fit* X’D

  8. Well, I don’t find him scary.
    I don’t find him “OMG LOL” funny either.
    I just think he looks cute.
    The dress suits you, Sonikku.

  9. I have to say I knew this was coming.

    This is exactly what I’m doing when I’m buying the nendoroid.

    This is so000 adorable for Sonikku~!

  10. Oh my god… I don’t know if I should be happy or upset…

    a-anyway, where would you buy one of those Nenderoids in U.S. dollars?

  11. Well…He does…Sort of look…Good in it…I guess…?


    *Awkward silence*

  12. @VizardJeffhog: So how did u make this? Photoshop, or did u somehow fit a toy dress on the sonic nedroid?

  13. This picture is proof why they should sell these in the US to people who will actually take care of these figures…

    1. The Sonic figure hasn’t been cut apart or anything (if that’s what you mean). Nendoroids have interchangeable parts so that you can change their facial expressions by inserting different ‘face plates’. Some have alternate arm or leg parts that have the limbs posed differently (such as the bent arm and [running] leg Sonic comes with). One of the best things about Nendos is that you can switch parts not only on the same figure but with other Nendoroid figures in many cases (not always the case, some parts simply won’t fit certain bodies). This is what was done here with Sonic, though I don’t know what character the body belongs to. I have around 20 Nendoroids myself. you can check out the full catalogue here:

  14. btw whoever took this picture has WAY too much free time on their hands….

  15. …I dunno what’s more disturbing – Sonic in the dress or the fact that the Sazabi’s looming over Sonic…

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