Europe Gets All The Good Stuff… Wait, What?! Sonic Merchandise Is Coming To US & Canada!

Breaking news!, the official website for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise that recently brought the absolutely brilliant Sonic Nendoroid figure to UK and European shores, has just announced via its Twitter account that it will also be opening its doors to the US and Canada!

You can check out the brand new website at but currently it only features a registration page where new customers from across the pond can sign up. If you’re interested, then be sure to fill out the form, as those who do register are promised to be the first to get updates in addition to “exclusive content, products, great prizes and loads, loads more…”

Teaser-tastic, eh!

What’s especially interesting about the registration form though is a section where you can submit your ideas for what you want to see from this Sonic Merchandise US site. It looks like SEGA is really taking fan feedback to heart lately, what with Sonic 4: Episode 2, and now this!

The big question is though – will they be stocking the Sonic Nendoroid for US and Canada customers? Or will they have some other big surprises up their sleeves? Only time will tell!

Let us know in the comments what you think of this news and what you’d like to see from this iteration of!

Source: Twitter

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  1. I’ll buy the nendoroid in a heart beat! Really hoping for that! I also have my fingers crossed that the Insert Coin Clothing Sonic shirts will be available (the Eggman shirt is awesome!), as well as the School supplies (binder, bags, etc.), and the 5 in. First 4 Figures display figurines thatre on the EU Sonic Merch site. Cant wait, already registered!

  2. Thought SEGA been confirmed that the US was getting this later this year. Hmm…

    Anyways, glad it’s hear rather than later or never.

    1. If they’re open for business and have the Nendoroids before the end of June (when the online store I purchased 2 from ships them) then I’ll happily cancel my order and get a couple from them 🙂
      The stationary would be cool also

  3. See I think thats ridiculous America complained about wanting the games first and they got Generations a few days early and because they got it early those who waited got the collectors editions in the rest of the world, Australia is getting no love from SEGA all we get here is bits and pieces of the jazwares figures and a few tshirts


    Now I just need a consistent Banjo-Kazooie franchise….

  5. I don’t think I said I love Sega enough in my lifetime. I love Sega.
    (I probably said it 10,000 times.)

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