4 Player Split-Screen Online Revealed for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


In the above interview (at 03:53) with Rev3Games, Sumo Digital’s Gareth Wilson has revealed that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will support split-screen multiplayer online. This means that you and up to three friends at home can play together with others online, even in Grand Prix mode. Pretty cool stuff.

Source: Rev3Games

P.S. See if you can spot a certain TSS writer in the video.

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  1. I brought this video up in the SEGA forums, and Sumospartan initially said this: “Yes, we have 4 player split screen, and whats called mixed mode multiplayer – splitscreen and online players all in the same event.”

    This was, however, removed at S0L’s request with the following post: “First things first, I’ve asked Spartan to edit one of his posts as he got a little excited and has mentioned some things we’re trying with regards to online support – but aren’t certain to make it into the final game.”

    So, the splitscreen online may not actually be a solid confirmation, though I am still holding out for it to happen.

    The forum in question:

    Page 13 and 14 is where it was all brought up.

  2. YESSSSS!!! Me and my sister loved playing the game together, and was so disappointed that the Grind Prix didn’t allow us to do that. This is going to be so exciting.

  3. You see this a lot less than you should. Multiplayer is multiplayer, but limiting you to just online or just splitscreen sucks. I think it’s the biggest flaw in Brawl. This game is coming together both as really innovative and really well-built in terms of the technical stuff like this, the areas where devs like to get away with murder.

  4. I hope metal sonic comes with the game and you do not have to download him separately.
    Also silver would be cool

  5. Only one other game that i can think of is going to have this same feature, Borderlands 2, so unless i’m mistaken whichever game comes out 1st will be the first split screen multiplayer game ever. Ps excited for both. ^^

  6. “Why is Sonic in a car?”
    Yup. One of the most STUPID questions a person can ask in the series.
    Gotten to the point where I can barely tell when someone’s serious or being funny. lol

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